Why You Should Choose WordPress to Develop Your Company’s Website

Back in 2003, WordPress (WP) emerged as one of the most useful blogging platforms. However, if you want to build a non-blogging website even then, you can choose WordPress. This is the most powerful website creation tool that you can even use to build dynamic sites such as an online store.

This content management system (CMS) is based on PHP & MySQL. It features template system and plugin architecture. These are the two main features that make designing and developing a WordPress website really easier. In fact, there are several other reasons for which you should consider choosing WordPress. Check out here a complete guide and know why you should choose WordPress to develop the website of your company.

It Is Free

This is the first and one of the most important reasons for which you should consider choosing WordPress. Due to this reason, WordPress is very popular among small business owners. It allows businesses to develop their own website even in a tight budget. However, big brands like Sony Music, Bloomberg Professional, TechCrunch, MTV News etc. have also used WordPress to develop their site.

HTML Editing or FTP Software Is Not Required

WP is a self-contained CMS. It means you don’t need any HTML editing software like Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute. By using the different functionalities of WordPress you can easily set up blog pages, add a new page, and upload documents, images and videos. You won’t need any HTML or FTP software to deal with these things. In fact, you can manage your website from any computer. This is another important reason that makes WordPress one of the most popular CMSs.

SEO Friendly

The PHP codes behind WordPress are known for their clean and simple nature. Due to this reason, it becomes an easy job for search engines to index a WordPress website. By using different WordPress plugins, you can also optimise the on-page elements of your site. For example, Plugins like Yoast SEO helps people to optimise their meta titles and descriptions. This plugin also help developers to customise the slug of a page in a hassle-free way. In fact, there are several other plugins are available for WordPress that you can use to improve your on-page SEO game. It will also help you to boost your site’s technical performance.

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Built-in Blog

Now businesses mainly focus on digital marketing to promote the reach of their business. Content marketing plays a crucial role in digital marketing. So, if you want to leverage the power of content marketing and make the most of digitalisation, then WordPress will be your perfect choice. WordPress comes with built-in blogging solution. If you are planning to take an aggressive content marketing approach, even they WordPress will be suitable for you.

These are the four reasons for which every WordPress site developer loves this CMS. Hope the facts have also helped you to understand the importance of choosing WordPress for powering your website. So, this is all for now. For any question regarding this feel free to leave us a mail.

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