Whatsapp – The new trend of staying connected


The world of communication has been upgraded by the introduction of whatsapp. This messaging platform has changed the entire concept of networking altogether. Whatsapp has played it wise in grabbing both the world of smartphones and the computer together.

Off-course you can download whatsapp on your smartphone, but you can even access whatsapp from your PC. The installation process differs a little bit though.

Whatsapp for Smartphone:-

  • Go to Google Play and search for whatsapp.
  • Once you find it, click on the installation tab.
  • Once it is installed, you will find two tabs saying uninstall and open. Click on the open tab to get going.
  • Once it opens if you are new to whatsapp, you need to register your mobile number. You will get a verification code from whatsapp and after the verification; you will have your whatsapp account.
  • If you already have a whatsapp account, just give your number, once whatsapp completes the verification, you are all set.

Whatsapp enables you to update status, put a display picture, chat or video chat, you can even check who is online and who is not. Now you can even understand who has seen your message and who has not. You can customize the privacy setting according to your wish. There are a number of options, you can keep your profile picture only for your saved contacts or if you want you can keep your profile open to all. If you don’t want someone to see you, block him/her.

When your message gets delivered, you will see a double tick. If someone has seen your message the tick will turn to blue and if not the double tick will remain black.

Whatsapp for PC:-

  • Go to the official site of whatsapp. You will find one QR code which has to be scanned from your phone having whatsapp.
  • Open whatsapp on your phone, go to settings, click on whatsapp web and you will find the QR scanner.
  • Now scan the QR code with the QR code scanner.
  • Once done, you will be greeted with web client page.

To install whatsapp on your PC, you need to have whatsapp installed on your phone first. You can rest assured that, whatsapp has not differentiated between the smartphone users and people using this platform from their PC. You can avail all the features like chatting, video calling if you have a webcam installed on your PC, check status and lot more.

In today’s world, nothing is difficult. Sitting in USA you can call your kids in New Delhi or Australia, that too in a very low cost. It has been made possible by whatsapp. The only cost that you incur is what you are paying for your internet bill.

Whatsapp is no longer a medium for personal chats, but it has become a source of business and promotion as well. You no longer need to give an excuse for not talking, if you are on roaming. It has actually created a ripple in the web world.

The technology world has actually set an example by taking communication to the next level via whatsapp. It’s an amazing introduction. A study says that in the first month itself 250 million people registered in whatsapp. The success was so huge that the IT giant Facebook, acquired this messaging platform for $19 billion USD.

Why whatsapp, you might ask. Why this craze for an App that has become so big that everyone needs to have it? Well, the first reason is with Whatsapp, you no longer need to SMS anyone. This app renders texting obsolete totally. SMS costs a lot of money. It is also limited. For this reason, people end up complaining about the SMS services. With WhatsApp no one now has any reason to opt for SMS service.

Download whatsapp to stay connected always. This is one of the main reasons why WhatsApp has become so famous among the consumers. The best thing about the App is the features. Every now and then they come up with new features which give people a way stay connected properly. The most feature of the App is the group chat through which more than 200 people can come together. This feature has been used since its inception by the business people for promotion.

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