WhatsApp 5 new and exciting features you must know


If you are using WhatsApp then you must update it as soon as possible because it has come with some excellent features you will love to use it. From interesting emojis like the centre finger to sharing PDF records on talks, WhatsApp is investigating every possibility to make it more intelligent and expressive.

The Facebook-owned administration which as of late achieved a user base of one billion customers has revealed a large group of new features and updates in the most recent couple of months. While a large portion of the clients who watch out for the application have effectively seen these redesigns, there are chances that a few clients may have missed few overhauls for the way that the organization continues moving number of upgrades consecutive.

We let you know the 5 most anticipated and energizing components that you can now discover on your WhatsApp:

  1. Pinch to zoom videos:

This excellent feature has brought good news to iOS users. It gives a chance to zoom in while playing video inside the WhatsApp.

  1. Sharing the document:

Do you realize that alongside images, videos and audio clips, you can likewise share your documents on WhatsApp? Yes, the company has provide this feature to user who has updated his whatsapp from playstore .This app allows you to share your PDF records on the chat app. Users must upgrade the WhatsApp to its most recent rendition, which is accessible through the Google Play Store and the WhatsApp own particular site.

  1. The Much talked about middle finger:

Now you can better express your outrage to somebody on WhatsApp! Amongst the quantity of extraordinary emojis the application has presented, in one of its overhauls. You can use this wonderful feature in an exceptional and better way on WhatsApp! WhatsApp users can also find controversial middle finger emoji. Other new emojis incorporate a pail of popcorn, upside down smiley face, burrito, dashing autos, arachnid and some more.

  1. Shared link history:

WhatsApp now helps you keep a history of the links that you share on the visit or chat. Prior, the application permitted users to see just the recordings and pictures that have been shared on the string. With this upgrade, it is conceivable to see every one of the connections that have been shared on either particular or group talks.

  1. Increase in adding members to group.

Due to this feature you can add 256 members in a group. For those of you who lean toward gathering chats and have four to six groups in your WhatsApp, the application now permits you to signify 256 individuals in a single group. Prior the quantity of individuals was limited to 100.

All above are great features I have already updated you can also update it and use this excellent facility.

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