What you must know before creating an app?


Forget luxury, owning a smartphone is a necessity felt by every individual, big or small. Uses of smartphones are many, ranging from used for playing games by children and adults alike or accessing the social networking sites or be it to and fro of work related e-mails etc. What makes the use of smartphones easy are the applications installed in them? Every individual has different needs according to which they have their choice of applications in their phones.

This is the main positive factor of smartphones which has encouraged businesses to promote their websites in the form of applications. But developing an application is not everybody’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of research of the application market. Also developing an app takes technical as well as creative ability. Let us look in some of the factors which need to be understood before developing an app.

  1. Purpose of developing the app:

The purpose of creating the app should be clear in the mind of the business. There can be basically 2 purpose of creating an app:

  • Promotional purpose:

The design and the look of a promotional app should basically be to attract the users. If you are planning to create an app for promotional purposes and if the app is free and designed attractively you can pull in more downloads. Once you have connected with the people through your app you can advertise your product.

  • Money making app:

If your goal is to make money from the developed app, your target should be to reach the various part of the world. The mantra for creating a money making app is to spend less and attain faster profit. To follow this mantra what you have to do is buy a source code and work on it to make graphically different and add some more creative features and send it for publishing. Also the price of the app should be reasonable enough to pull in users.

  1. Decide on the user interface:

This is the most important factor that needs understanding of the market as to which interface is most used by people and which would be the most profitable interface. Interfaces are basically of two types, viz: Android and IOS.

  1. Cost of the app:

When you create an app you have to decide whether you want to make the app free for all or you want to charge its downloads. If your game is related to games and entertainment then it is advisable to publish your app as free. But if you are developing a high tech and complex app then you can charge for it. However, it is good to have two versions of the app, one free and one chargeable. This would tell you how your app is accepted in the market.

  1. Developing through professional:

Whether you should develop the app yourself or should you hire a developer depends upon what is the purpose of making the app. If you are planning to start a business in app developing then it is advisable to learn the technical know-how.  But if you are planning to make a single app, say for promotional purposes, and then it is better to hire professionals.

The above tips and more come together to make a good app. It is extremely vital to understand the technical and creative aspects that go hand in hand while creating apps.

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