Ways to get facebook fans back after algorithm update

Mark Zuckerberg

In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced that facebook algorithms will prioritize “meaningful interactions” from friends and families. Certain algorithm updates over the past few years, has decreased audience for the business organic page posts. This has caused a problem for the facebook page owners and people who earn from the website by running pages, marketing events etc.

Mark Zuckerberg

To beat the odds, some actions are needed to be performed or else a large community will be disheartened and the social media communication system will be affected. In March, 2018 the organic reach on facebook was seen to be approaching towards zero. Thus, given below are several tactics to beat the facebook algorithms and help to get the fans back:

Share quality content

Though facebook algorithms are making it difficult for the page owners to work with their contents, but if the content is of high quality then chances of being shared and liked increases rapidly. If the content of the posts are good enough then it has a high chance to get public recognition. The facebook algorithms these days are aiming to discard low quality contents such as memes. Thus finding new ideas and high quality contents can help you to build a successful page.

Use facebook ads

After the updates, facebook has made their ad system better and easier than ever to use. After the organic reach down, this is proving to be a right time to experiment with facebook advertising. In this new ad system, paid facebook ads can appear right in the user’s newsfeed blending with the normal and regular posts reaching better to the users. A new ad relevance store has also been introduced. Check them out and see how they perform. For companies operating in competitive creative industries like craft marketing, facebook ads are perfect for these companies and help them to attract a lot more fans.

Associate with other social networks

Associating your facebook marketing with other social networks can also give you better results. Facebook is a crowded place with shrinking organic space. There are lots and lots of marketing groups giving you great competition. This can make your ad less visible in the user’s news feed. Thus going for other social networks such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc can get you out of the crowd and make your content widely visible.

Try to get personal

Personal account posts are better visible and recognised than ad posts. Thus if you can make your family members, friends, colleagues etc to share your posts widely then it will reach more number of audience than the ad posts. In today’s world, nobody has the time to go through ads. Thus posting from personal accounts is a better option than posting ads. Thus look for help from your close ones and build a better marketing career.

Try to import contacts

You need to find different possible ways to promote your facebook page. Having a big e-mail list, you are able to import your contacts up to 5 thousand users at a time. You can invite these contacts to join your page. Having more friends, it will reach more people and your posts will be promoted even more. Thus still having a lower organic visibility percentage, your posts can reach more people.

Post more often

You should post more often. This will increase your chances to appear in the news feeds. Posting more and more everyday can increase the visibility of the posts and increase the likelihood of your posts to get a bite. Posting your posts more often make the users remember the name of your page and thus they will check your posts more.

Try going multimedia

Relying only on text posts will not do the work. Today, image and video posts are more favored than text posts. People find it easier to look at videos or images than reading huge paragraphs for a longer time. Thus sharing YouTube videos, Pinterest pins, Instagram pictures on facebook can also be beneficial.

Engage with your FB fans

Try to engage more and more fans in your page by asking them various questions, creating poll reviews and other events which are attractive to them. Engaging fans can prove to be a nice move as it will make your page more popular and your page will get promoted and will provide you more benefit.

Design your page

Design your page beautifully as people like well organized pages. Give a cover photo to your page. Try to use the facebook cover photo as a call to action.

Share exclusive content

By sharing exclusive contents on your page that the users won’t be able to access anywhere else can be a profitable idea. You can publicize flash sales, special discounts, contests, etc. and promote your facebook page even more.

After the application of facebook algorithm update, the fans can still be engaged by applying all these tactics. Facebook is also a market, determining careers of many who can earn a living with the help of facebook. Thus with many hurdles, getting facebook fans is a difficult job but not an impossible one and the page owners can be successful here by implementing all the above ideas.

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