Video Tour: Landlords loving it!

video tour

To be a landlord of commercial properties is extremely challenging as it not only involves dealing with real estate factors but constant engagement with clients, potential renters and marketing experts. From determining the closest most strategic price point to selecting effective marketing mediums, juggling all the balls together is indeed overwhelming.

With commercial properties, it’s all a game of marketing so whatever you choose to do this year; don’t leave video tours out of the list. Before commencing, I’d like to thank this Dubai real estate firm for providing such amazing insights around the topic. Want to know the true potential of video tours when real estate is concerned? Read on to find out!

Video marketing: Discover the true potential

It’s surprising that even today, many real estate companies neglect video marketing even after it being a powerful promotional tool. Those who actually realized its true potential have exploited video to advertise their products and services, winning far more customers and a better place amongst competitors.

As we speak, commercial properties listed online with detailed video tour and crisp images get far more views and likes as compared to those missing any one of the element. And since not many landlords use video tours as a marketing strategy, you have a better chance of appealing more clients and end up with successful deals.

The advantages

While the geographic and demographic factors would decide the winning strategy for commercial real estate marketing, most of the owners reap the following benefits;

  • Better exposure

When putting a commercial land for lease, you want as much exposure as possible and that’s exactly what video tour promises. It allows delivering the listing to thousands of prospective clients within and outside the country so there’s a chance you might land an international client.

  • Improved search engine rankings

Rich content is always welcomed by search engines such as Google! To add richness, you need more than just text such as videos, animation, crisp images and it’s likely to appear on the first page of search engine results. Ever since SEO gained momentum in the world of digital marketing, video is just the tool that promises imminent boost in search engine ranking.

  • The picture-perfect property

You’re the master of the camera so appropriate brightness and lighting aspects are all in your control. With this, you can showcase any particular room or feature of a home, add appealing contrast, take still shots in between a video, edit the frame and it’s all set to go.

  • Time saving

Unnecessary open house, show-and-tell can be terribly frustrating and a total waste of valuable time. All of this is best covered in video tourism and it helps in filtering out all the unwanted and unnecessary stuff, promising only that which is important. In fact, you being the owner can make it necessary to video tour the property before actual site visit which saves time, effort, cost and preferred for essential safety as well.

  • Easily shared

Sharing video with mass audience all over the world is just a matter of minutes thanks to a dozen social networking websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo. A perfect video is likely to be shared among the peers, families and further over the internet which means marketing is at its best here!

  • The entrenched call to action

Much like every other industry, commercial properties also benefit to a greater extent from a nicely laid out call to action (CTA). The best place to put one is right in the online video player of all the real estate promotional content.

Successful deployment of CTA allows customers to immediately get in touch with your business and ride further in the sales tunnel. The embedded call to action means you no longer need to be redirected to the landing page every time with a risk of losing potential customers.

A simple “play” button and customer can have what’s most desired!

  • More information to share

When a picture says more than a thousand words, imagine the impact of interactive real estate marketing video! With commercial properties, you can convey loads of intrinsic details in half the time which means customers are always at an advantage of evaluating the room size, features and many other requirements they wish seeing in the property following a hefty investment.

As we speak, take some time out to release a teaser video and see if the customers are drawn to the actual thing. All in all, you can share more details with an interactive video than mere written text and printed brochures.

Tips for superb video tours

Now that we know the basic advantages of video touring, your deployment strategy is ought to make a huge impact on everything. While you can always hire a professional video graph-er, the do-it-yourself approach offers a lot of learning and exploration. So if you’ve decided to shoot the video yourself, here’re a few handy tips to consider;

  • Always record with a good HD camera keeping the standard aspect ratio between 4:3 and 16:9
  • Shoot the video with plenty of natural lighting which means no recording late at night or early in the morning
  • Only focus on what’s important which means don’t waste time shooting every cabinet and closet and whatever inside them


Commercial properties are best marketed through video tours so make sure you’re doing it right, following the above details.

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