Top 9 Security Plugins for WordPress to Ensure Protection to your Website

Wordpress plugin

Security of WordPress website is an issue that must be taken seriously. With cases of hacking and other such unscrupulous methods on the rise, it is important that the apt security is integrated to sites in a timely manner. WordPress security plugins are the best solutions in this respect.

Being the most widely approved and popular CMS (web publishing platform) across the globe, it has become an easy target for hackers. Listed below are some of the best security plugins you can use for your WordPress website and ensure added protection from hackers and other threats:

Wordpress plugin

  1. JetPack Security

It is a very popular plugin for WordPress. It ensures a wide range of features to add safety and more power to the site. The plugin will also increase the speed of website. Jetpack is a one stop solution for all of your security related issues.

It comes equipped with a number of free features by Automattic. It promises support, faster updates, and daily backups.

  1. Sucuri Security

This is a wonderful security plugin choice for your WordPress site. It comes integrated with some real cool features. The alert feature allows you to configure alerts for RSS, email, SMS, Twitter, and IM. Some of the best features of Sucuri Security include server-side scanning, website integrity monitoring, malware cleanup, 1-click hardening; WordPress audit log, and many more.

  1. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

The plugin comes free of cost and benefits a WordPress user by automatically scanning the site in detail for all types of vulnerabilities. All identified security threats as well as backdoor scripts will be removed automatically. It will allow a highly secure WordPress installation. If you go for the pro version, it will let you patch XMLRPC and wp-login to block DDoS attacks and Brute-Force. Additionally, it will download the Definition Updates (new) automatically while you run a ‘Complete Scan’.

  1. Shield Security

A simple WordPress security plugin, it comes equipped with numerous powerful functions for ensuring protection to your website from threats such as malware, viruses, boats, hacking attempts, etc. Some of the impressive features of this plugin include a lockdown feature, admin access protection, comment spam filter, brute force protection, firewall protection, and many more.

  1. Wordfence (FREE + Premium)

The security plugin for WordPress enjoys an impressive active installs of two million. No wonder it is ranked as one of the most coveted security solutions for websites running on WordPress. Equipped with high-end features, it ensures adept protection from all kinds of unidentified threats coming from anonymous sources. The impressive ‘Threat Defense Feed’ technique powers functionality of this security plugin. One of the interesting features of this plugin is the ‘Wordfence Scanning’. It can identify and remove over 44,000 types of known malware. After scanning, it will inform owner about all potential and existing threats.

Wordfence will thwart all attempts of hacking on your website. Some of the other features include multi-site security, compatibility with most plugins and themes of WordPress, etc.

  1. Bulletproof Security (FREE + Premium)

The plugin claims to provide ample protection against as many as 100,000 attacks. It is equipped with a large number of functions to supply a highly secure environment for productive website operations. A free tutorial is also available for the same. Users can understand the functionalities through these tutorials.

With this plugin, you can expect streamlined installation using the feature ‘One-Click Setup Wizard’. It also comes equipped with a real time file monitor feature. Regular updates are available with plugin.

  1. Security AntiVirus Scanner (FREE + Premium)

You can easily automate process of scanning process on your WordPress website using this plugin. It is a user-friendly plugin preferred by php developer and can be scheduled for removing malware and spam. You will receive day to day reports to registered email address. Security threats can be assessed in detail through scan results. The scan process is initiated with a single click.

  1. Hide My WP (Premium)

This is the preferred choice under the category of premium plugins. With an impressive 4.5+ rating, it consistently works to reveal both new and old vulnerabilities on a daily basis. Integrating Hide My WP to your WordPress site will definitely help.

It offers Prevention System and Intrusion Detection to keep all kinds of threats at bay. The plugin allows you to hide or rename permalinks, names of plugin, theme names, login URL, etc. It is also a great choice for multi-sites. Lifetime support is offered by company at free of cost. The plugin also stays up to date with the automatic update feature.

  1. Swift Security Bundle (Premium)

Hackers love WordPress. No wonder it has always been on their hit list. If you are concerned about the activity of hackers, Swift Security is the way to go. It will hide details of WordPress so that hackers are unable to make out a WordPress site. With Swift Security Bundle, you can easily get rid of all types of security issues


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