The benefits of gaming for kids

kids gaming

Gaming doesn’t always have the most positive of connotations, but many people are unaware that there are actual benefits associated with gaming in general as well as the playing of certain games. Technology is ever-advancing and it can be difficult to prise children, and some adults, away from the computer, tablet, or mobile. Yet, parents may feel a whole lot better about letting their child spend a little time playing online games once they realise the benefits a child can reap.

Improves co-ordination

Gaming is not as passive as it may sometimes seem, and although it may look like your child is merely staring at the screen, they are concentrating on perfecting the right moves to dodge obstacles, place or remove items, or to shoot a target. To play successfully, a child will need to co-ordinate their vision with their physical movements, which can then lead to better co-ordination skills in general.

Multi-tasking masters

Games are much more sophisticated these days, with lots of actions required simultaneously. For example, racing games like the ones found at Bigsamo.Com can often require players to not only be the fastest to win, but also to navigate twists and turns and obstacles as they go. Keeping an eye on your competitor while controlling your vehicle so it doesn’t crash, and ensuring you do it within a certain time-frame takes a certain amount of multi-tasking.

Social interaction

Although it can seem the opposite is true, gaming can be an excellent social tool when two or more friends, or siblings play together. Children can learn to take turns, play competitively without sulking if they lose, or bragging when they win, and thanks to the internet, they can even play the same game with friends who are several miles away. Game play can encourage discussion and is also a useful way to encourage children to work as a team to achieve a mutual goal.

Encourages learning

In addition to the many educational online games available, there are games for children to play that teach useful lessons without the child even being aware that it is a learning experience. Understanding that different commands are required to execute certain moves or actions in a game introduces children to skills they can transfer when using other forms of technology.


Not all games require players to sit still and just press buttons or move joysticks, and interactive physical games are an excellent method of getting fit. Adults and children can enjoy playing virtual games of tennis, bowling, and even archery all through the use of a console and motion control pads. So, even when the weather isn’t pleasant enough to be outside, you and your kids can get all the exercise you need indoors.

The trick to allowing your children, and yourself, to enjoy games without the worry of it causing any harm is to ensure you monitor what games are played, and how much time is spent playing them. Gaming shouldn’t be a substitute for real-life interaction, but used in a sensible way it can be beneficial, for children and adults alike.

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