The 7 mesmerizing Features of Android Oreo

android oreo

Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo is all set to hit the markets and take it by storm. With a number of improvements and new additions, Oreo might take a while to get used to. The additions aren’t obvious and release is pretty slow so it is kind of obvious that it will take a while before the population is comfortable with the upgrades and Oreo itself.

Highlights of Android Oreo

Mentioned below are some of the best, most prominent and promising features of Android Oreo to help you get comfortable with it in a short span of time.


  1. Notification snoozing- This is an extremely useful and efficient feature that has been lacking in phones all this while. Google News has confirmed this feature for Oreo. It was really needed and Android 8.0 has brought it this time. The way that it works is that you can postpone attending a certain notification till you want to. All you need to do is drag the notification slightly to the right or left and tap on the little clock that appears. This way the notification isn’t visible on the notification panel but it isn’t lost either.
  2. Picture in picture feature – Yet another function or feature that was needed for quite some time. This feature introduced by Oreo and covered by Google News, allows you to multi-task on a multi-screen. In other words, you can have a small window open where you are watching something while another window can be opened as well where you can work. This allows entertainment as well as work to be handled simultaneously. Almost every other smartphone user has been waiting for this feature.
  3. Security and Emoji Improvements – Oreo has refurbished the emojis besides improving the font and styles. The new upgrade has been made keeping security in mind. It has somewhat been prioritized. It comes with a built in Google Play Protect, security status centre in settings and tighter control over app installations.
  4. Theme for notifications – This is a really cool feature that everyone will appreciate and admire. If a song is being played on YouTube or Google Play then a notification always appears on the notification tray with the pause and rewind buttons. In Oreo, the notification panel will have a theme. It can be the album art or some related picture to suit it. This theme will change according to the song or the album. Not extremely useful but definitely one worth admiring.
  5. Oreo’s own File Manager – Android users need no acquainting with file managers. As effective and efficient as they are, they’re all third party apps. This is sometimes undesirable and discouraged by some users. The good news is that Oreo will have its own basic file manager that can perform all the basic tasks. However, for advanced work, third-party file manager apps have to be downloaded.
  6. The Accessibility Button – This is an extremely useful tool for people who have impaired hearing or vision. However, this is still pretty exciting and can be used by anyone. It is not available in each phone however. All you have to do is open the accessibility section in settings and tap on ‘Select to Speak’ or ‘Magnification’ or both. Doing this will make a small icon appear at the bottom of the screen (where home, overview and back buttons are present). Tapping that will prompt the phone to read out the contents of the screen and or allow magnification.
  7. Smart Wi-Fi Settings – This is, as the name suggests, quite a smart feature of the Android 8.0. To know about this you have to go to the Network and Internet section and tap on Wi-Fi. Then you can press on Wi-Fi preferences and activate the toggle that says ‘Turn on Wi-Fi automatically’. The advantage of this feature is that whenever you are in the proximity of a Wi-Fi that you were previously connected to; your phone will automatically connect itself to that.

So, these are a few of the features that news has confirmed and revealed about Android 8.0. It sure will be something different.

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