Step by step guide to install clean windows 10

windows 10 installation

The subsequent guide will help you do a fresh tidy install of Windows ten on your PC the right way. Stick to the guidance carefully and follow step by step.

All set? Windows 10 clean install

Back up

Step one: To start with, back-up all of your info to exterior hard drive.

Check program requirements:

Step two: Help to make sure your computer complies with minimum system requirements to start Windows 10 installation:

  • CPU: 1 ghz processor or quicker
  • RAM MEMORY: 1GB for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
  • Storage area space: 16GB for 32-bit or 20GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 competentvideo card

After that create a bootable Windows 10 travel:

Step three: Get an extra USB flash drive with at least 4GB of totally free space and make bootable Windows 10 drive from it.

Use the product key:

Step four: If perhaps} you have windows 10 product key, that is great, if perhaps} not, you will have to first avail Microsoft’s free upgrade offer just before you can do a clean install. Microsoft’s free of charge  upgrade offer requires you to be either in genuine version of windows 7 SP1 or windows 8. 1 Update.  This may seem to be just like diffivult case but it’s essential significant as well as the only way to get your free permit from Microsoft.

Stage five: Once upgraded, help to make sure that your backup} of Windows 10 is definitely activated. You can verify} this from Control-panel >  System and Security >  Program.

Why is this crucial? Windows product keys happen to be tied to the hardware of your computer. Once you avail Microsoft’s totally free offer of upgrading via Windows 7 or 8. 1 to 10, Microsoft company knows the pc hardware you upgraded on. When all done on above steps for Windows 10, you can ready to do clean installation  of windows 10 at anytime even after completely format your hard drive but it will definitely remain activated as very long it truly is done on the subject of the same hardware.

Start from bootable USB adobe flash drive:

Step six: With the bootable USB linked, restart your PC. Upon set up|start-up, enter the THE BIOS settings of the computer system and configure it to boot from the UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS flash drive. The method intended for entering and configuring THE BIOS is unique for all computer system

Time to install Windows 10:

Step seven: Once you have booted from the Usb thumb drive, you will be greeted with Windows 10 setup display. Simply follow the onscreen prompts, format also make sure you have saved almost everything and choose hard drive you wish to install it upon.


When intended for product key throughout the installation, type the real windows 10 product key in case you have one. If you utilized Microsoft free upgrade simply neglect the product key web page

Activating Windows 10:

Step eight: Once Windows is definitely installed and you have got logged in, your backup of Windows 10 will certainly automatically activate. Your Windows 10 should activate now.

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