Social Media Marketing Stats Of 2019

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Social media has become a crucial element of the digitalized communication strategies. The updated stats of 2019 are what you should care for as the 2018 ones are not likely to be accurate anymore. In the latest stat, the reliable experts have added more to highlight the major social media trends influencing marketing in 2019. Social media helps in delivering measurable results in leads, sales and branding. It can further offer marketers with greater ROI and will enable them to reach out to larger audience within low cost. Other than dealing with ways to improve and increase Instagram followers, you have to take some time to check these stats too.

Social media and its world:

The current world of social media is changing constantly, making it quite dynamic in nature. There are around 3.48 billion of social media users as of 2019, with the globalized growing rate by 288 million or around 9% since the last year. It has been just few months in 2019 and within this time, this growth is just mind boggling.

You will be surprised to know that the social media now known to have a globalized penetration rate of around 45%. So, it is not exaggerating to state that half of the world’s population is now on social media1 These SMM statistics will offer you with the right ammunition that will help you to improve the marketing and further convince the clients and co-workers that social media marketing is what you should try in 2019 without fail.

Generalized social media statistics:

Social media never seems to stop and keeps on growing. Right at end of 2018, FB had around 2.32 billion active users on a monthly scale, which is huge in numbers! Most of the other notable social networking channels, platforms and apps also continued to just grow and expand past the 2018 levels.

  • The online adults within the age group of 18 to 34 are here to follow brand through social networking section, consisting of around 95%. So, think about all your audiences and where they have come to know more about your brand before following your company’s name.
  • Around 71% of the consumers will have a good social media experience with brands, which they are likely to recommend to others. So, the businesses can always use social media as one effective customer servicing tool. It helps in increasing brand engagement and win over some new customers.
  • Around 63% of the customers might expect the companies to just offer customer service through social media channels. Around 90% of the social media users will use social media as way to just communicate with brand or business. So, make sure to not neglect social media as one crucial customer caring sector.
  • You will be amazed to know that around 80% of online companies are here to deliver exceptional social media centric customer service. On the other hand, around 8% of customers say they agree. So, you might have to work hard to be one such company working on social media based customer service.
  • Right now, the active numbers of the globalized mobile social users is around 3.3 billion, which is will equal to 42% penetration. Around 1 M people used social media on smartphones for first time every day as in 2018. So, you have to be sure to optimize mobile based social media campaigns. As mobile ads are quite cheap and easier to produce, you can always test multiple versions to see the best one to choose. Remember that users spend around 69% of media time on smartphones.
  • Around 96% of people discussing bands online will do not follow owned profiles of the brands. So, it is mandatory for the companies to go beyond the own channels and the monitor unbranded conversations for gaining valuable insights and manage the branding health. According to Radium One, it has been estimated that around 84% of content sharing takes place outside social networks on instant messenger, email and SMS.
  • Visual content is also around 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than any of the other content types. There are some amazing posts available, which you can use to help create innovative content strategy right on social media.

Heading towards FB statistics:

In the year 2015, FB influenced around 52% of online and offline purchases of consumers, which has been up by 36% as in 2014. It clearly shows the importance for all the retailers to just manage social media channels, which might have direct impact on the purchasing behavior. So, it is vital to know the value of FB and check its current statistics to be on the safer side and use this platform in your favor.

  • There are over 50 million small businesses using FB pages to connect with potential customers. Around 4 M of those pay for the social media advertising on FB. This form of social media ad stats shows that smaller companies might consider paying for the ads on FB to gain visibility and even surpass the competitors in an easy manner.
  • You will be amazed to know that there were more than 4.4 M videos uploaded on FB directly in February 2016, which generated around 199 billion views and more. Video marketing forms one powerful tool for personalizing brands and increasing conversions. Around 68% of marketers have already published video content on FB and around 70% of marketers plan to use the FB video. 34% of them have used the FB live feature and 37% further plan to use the FB live option.
  • Just around 20% of the FB posts generate emotional response. In place of using FB as emotional medium, delivering people with dynamic and tailored messages in specified stages can yield better response and results.

There are so many social media stages and channels available, and each one has its own share of statistics. You have to be open minded to learn about all them before addressing the right choice.

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