Six SEO Tactics should be avoided at all costs

seo tactics to avoid

SEO Tactics Used in a Proper Manner

Businesses use various methods for attracting the customers and will impoverish brand visibility. SEO is a ladder which will bring the company’s name on the top of the brands. Attracting motivated ranks to the company’s website is always one of the most efficient methods to achieve this. SEO is the most effective method to get the things done in an easy way. There are SEO tactics which give improper effect on the SEO efforts. The SEO tactics of the business should be avoided in any way. These are:

seo content

  • Keyword Overloading: It is expected that keywords must come fewer times within the web site content. The businesses will do much more but too much stuffing on the webpage with multiple repetitions of keywords is not good. To avoid at the cost of common way will be avoided. One must try to use the word carrying similar meaning instead of repeating the same phrase. One must use them all over the page.
  • Content Spinning: It is an SEO technique which is a low-quality version of the same content. It is created and published on different websites to get the website back-links and bring referral traffic. If one spins poor quality versions of the same content to trick search engine into believing the content is unique. It will be stopped in any way. Reusing content and spending time on the same content is not accepted. SEO services are using the best to check spinning.
  • Lack of Quality in Blogs: Some business set-up uses the low-quality blog for the purpose of generating back-links or diverting traffic to the company’s website or to the primary blog. On some days, software and online services are doing to post or change the blog automatically. Then it comes with the result of the variety of blogs but of low-quality. They also generate innumerable back-links. Although Back-links are good low-quality Backlinks will decrease the Google rankings.
  • Purchase Links: The website owner makes the habit of purchasing links from other website owners so that they will attract the ranking on search engines. If it is not implemented in a proper way then Google takes the penalty from the website. So, it is best to avoid the link purchasing because it will bring worst results instead of good.
  • Social Media Overuse: If done in a right way, social media is very beneficial for business. One can use the tools for posting the new content from the website or blog to the social media profiles, but to use an excess of it wrong. It will decrease the brand image and will bring negative effects on Internet marketing efforts.
  • Multiple Mirror Websites: Another thing which must be avoided is making up of different websites with similar content. It will be done for making the presence online for every mirror websites and then motivated users towards the main website. These links treated as duplicate links and Google will also penalize the website for this malpractice.

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