Six Modern Website Design Trends You Should Never Ignore

Website design trends are constantly changing. SEO and web design are closely related. To improve your ranking, you should pay attention to your website design. It is necessary to follow the latest web design trends. This will help your site to rank better.

In the following discussion, I have talked about some modern web design trends. To know about this in minute details, you may have a close look at the below section now.

  1. Flat Design

In 2017, web developers and designers began building clean and simple websites; so that the mobile users get better user experience. Since then, designers are prone to use mobile first design for websites. You might know that heavy websites load slowly which is frustrating for the mobile users. It is better to use clean and flat designs or minimalists design. The best aspect of using flat design is that both the mobile users and desktop users can experience quick loading sites. Moreover, they will hold high SEO value.  

  • Page Loading Speed

Most of the users like to visit websites, spending less time and efforts. This is why; you should never take the page loading speed factor lightly. As per the study, about 50% of users expect when they hit the link of a site, it should load in less than three seconds. In case, your site takes more than three seconds to load; they may abandon your site.

A beautiful site will undoubtedly impress the users. But if it takes a long time to download, it is of no use. If you want your site to load faster, you need to avoid large images, video and media files. Gigantic photos and videos take a long time to load. You can hire one of the best web development companies in Cape Town or your preferred location for customized solutions.

  • Broken Grid

Presently, web designers are prone to think out of the box. Instead of the grip, broken grid, as well as asymmetrical designs, is widely used. A grid system can help a designer to maintain alignment and consistency while adding contents, including, images and headlines. The broken grid can add a special effect to your site. Take the help of experienced website designers to get the best solutions.

  • Video Background

In spite of the flat and minimalist design trends, video backgrounds are considered as one of the best web design modern trends. Video backgrounds are shown to increase conversions. Videos are more compelling than images or text. To grab the attention of the users, you can go for video backgrounds.

  • Micro Animations

This is a subtle but noticeable trend. Micro-animations are the best way of providing an intuitive and satisfying experience to the users. Micro animations help the users to understand site in a better way.

  • Chatbots

Over the last few years, the use of chatbots has become quite popular. Chatbots are the best options for micro-interactions. To maintain a good relationship with your potential customers, you may use chatbots.

Hope, you have found all the given web design trends useful. If you want to know more about this, you may consult experienced website designers and developers.

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