Pursuing a Successful WordPress Career


Currently, WordPress is responsible for running more than 22 percent of the top ten million websites on the Internet. Therefore, it is pretty obvious, why WordPress as a CMS is regarded as a significant job skill today. When you are telling people that you have a sound knowledge of WordPress, it is like letting everyone know that you have a valuable asset to flaunt about in your resume. We all know that WordPress boasts of a broad spectrum of interpretations and applications, all in diverse contexts. Today there is no scope for denying or undermining the role of this platform in creating a host of job opportunities.

WordPress Developers

Many of you are interested in pursuing a career as a WordPress developer. WordPress developers usually, specialize in WordPress designing and coding. Here we would be discussing the role and job responsibilities of a WordPress developer. We would also be exploring the skills that a candidate is expected to have in order to successfully pursue a career as a WordPress Developer. In this context, you must know that a WordPress developer is supposed to help launch a website by efficiently building it and also customizing an already existing and developed WordPress website.

Required Skills

The prospective candidate must:

  • Enjoy operating in a really interactive way where projects would be evolving rapidly.
  • Possess a sound WordPress Knowledge and extensive experience in the field including Plug-in development and custom theme design.
  • Have robust visual design sense. He must be able to create flawlessly pixel-perfect vector graphics.
  • Possess a sound back-end and front-end development skills that that may include CSS, HTML, PHP, Gulp, Less, jQuery, and Python.
  • Possess solid understanding of the basics of UX or user experience, responsive design, and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Possess a working knowledge of Illustrator or Photoshop and other relevant design tools.
  • Be capable of creating wire frames and also visual design comps.
  • Possess sound knowledge of the responsive design principles. Must be highly self-directed and must possess excellent attention to detail.
  • Have a solid understanding and sound knowledge of interface design, information architecture, and also the usability testing principles.
  • May have marketing technology experience as an additional quality.
  • Be able to manage the content effectively on WordPress-based websites.
  • Be capable of creating a fascinating front end for the sites.
  • Be capable of writing plug-ins for adding custom functionality.

WordPress Theme Developers

WordPress themes are actually used for managing the front end of any website. As a WordPress theme developer, you must be capable of coding fascinating, mobile friendly and browser compatible themes. WordPress themes are nothing but groups of template files for displaying post, categories, and pages etc. You must possess a thorough understanding of all the relevant details regarding the WordPress template hierarchy, WordPress theme development strategies & standard, management, and interlinking of diverse template files and WordPress theme development contexts and frameworks like Thesis, Genesis etc. You must create a theme that is not only unique but also pixel perfect depending on the PSD format provided by the designer.

WordPress Plug-in Developers

WordPress is supposed to be an extensible CMS. You could effectively extend the functionality of WordPress simply by using plug-ins.  WordPress Plug-in Developer is supposed to develop effective plug-ins for the WordPress so he is expected to possess a very high level of knowledge and efficiency. You must have a thorough understanding of all the relevant WordPress filters. WordPress plug-in developer must necessarily be a hard coder and he should possess high level of competency in PHP programming. WordPress Plug-in development actually is more challenging as compared to theme development. A prospective candidate must be able to use Salesforce GitHub for bringing about a robust integration between the Salesforce.com account and the WordPress install(s).

Job Prerequisites

  • High Level of PHP Experience
  • Robust HTML/CSS skills
  • Adequate jQuery + JavaScript experience
  • Solid experience in WordPress.org programming
  • Mobile and responsive web design experience
  • A Bachelor’s degree is usually preferred.
  • Professional graphic design experience.
  • Photoshop Illustrator skills are welcome.
  • Adequate knowledge of Typography and Graphic Design.

WordPress Content Managers

The WordPress Content Manager is expected to lead a proficient team of content writers. He is responsible for overseeing online content generation, identifying other new content opportunities and explores effective ways for repurposing currently existing content all through the website. He should possess the necessary competency to develop a comprehensive and effective content management system. He would also have to implement modifications to the website layout and also the content depending on website analytics and usability.


You must have a sharp eye for generating online content, planning, and deployment of online content. You should be able to perfectly juggle numerous priorities. You must possess adequate knowledge and understanding of keyword research and SEO best practices. You must possess a high degree of initiative and motivation. You must be able to function with minimal supervision.

He must:

  • Possess exceptional organizational and communication skills.
  • Advanced HTML knowledge.
  • Adequate experience and working knowledge with popular and well-known content management systems such as Kintera, Convio, Drupal, etc.
  • Possess the competence and efficiency in managing multiple projects in a deadline-driven, fast-paced work environment.


You could pursue any one of the above-mentioned specialized WordPress careers provided you have the tenacity, dedication, and the required qualifications. You would surely succeed in any field today provided you are willing to stay abreast with the latest in the field.

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