JAVA Vs Python


Which is better, JAVA or PYTHON! This argument goes on and on and is not going to settle anytime soon. Both these programming languages have a similar reputation in the IT world. Some users are hell bent to prove the argument that JAVA is better but there are users who believe that Python is a better programming language. Both sets of users provide very pertinent reasons in support of their argument.


JAVA is one of the most fundamental programming languages. USP of this language is platform independence. This programming language can be used to develop programs for the whole array of devices that have different types of OS. This is why JAVA is called platform independent programming language. It can create programs for mobiles, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Washing machines Refrigerator, Television sets with similar ease. JAVA is compatible with all types of OS like- Windows, Mac, LINUX etc. Android has been scripted in JAVA.


Python also has many positives. It is simple, easy to read and high-level programming language. It’s fast becoming most preferred programming language for beginners. As Python is easy to use, it increases productivity manifolds. Like JAVA, Python is also cross-platform and can be used on OS like- Windows, Mac, and LINUX. Using Python, users can solve complex problems using fewer lines of code and lesser time.     

Now let us try to solve this puzzle ( JAVA or Python) by comparing JAVA and Python on different parameters.

  1. Speed- JAVA is a statically typed programming language. This makes it faster than Python. Python is an interpreter that determines a type of data at runtime, hence it is slower.
  2. Code- Both languages are simple and easy to write but if we compare the length of codes, Python consists of fewer lines or shorter codes compared to JAVA.
  3. Databases- JAVA database connectivity is the most popular and widely used while Python’s database access layers are weaker.
  4. Practical agility- JAVA provides more undeviating support than Python because of its static system but even then Python has become popular for all recent technologies like- Internet of things (IoT), Data Science, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence(AI) and many more.  
  5. Trends- In both US and India, Python has seen growth while JAVA has seen a constant decline in the last five years. A trend is clearly in favor of Python.
  6. Salary- If we compare salary growth of JAVA and Python engineers then we find that, in case of both JAVA and Python, a steady increase can be observed but in case of freshers, Python has an edge because of increased demand of Python engineers in recent times. Nowadays jobs are mostly related to automation and AI, For which Python is preferable.
  7. Syntax- Both JAVA and Python are object-oriented language but Python has an added advantage. Python is also a scripting language and it is easy to write scripts using Python. JAVA is a statically typed programming language. Statically typed programming languages do type checking at a compiled time as opposed to run time while dynamically typed programming languages like Python do type checking at runtime opposed to compiled time. Type checking at runtime makes writing programs quicker as specifying type every time is not needed. Python can perform the same function in fewer lines of code compared to JAVA. In JAVA if you miss a semicolon at the end of a statement, an error will emerge but while there is no need of semicolon to end a statement in Python. Another difference is in the syntax of both languages is indentation.

If we take into account all these points of comparison, then we can easily conclude that Python has a slight edge. Python is fast catching up with JAVA and if this trend continues then Python will overtake JAVA sooner or later. JAVA has definitely been the first choice of programmers for long. Reason for this was that JAVA was a platform independent language. It could be used to develop programs for devices with different types of OS. Python also boasts of such advantages but it has some added advantages too. Python is very simple to use programming language. This can’t be said about JAVA. Because of simplicity, Python is preferred by beginners over JAVA. Python is a preferred programming language for recent technologies like- Internet of things (IoT), Data science, Artificial intelligence(AI), Machine learning and many more. This is giving an edge to Python over JAVA. Python training has gained in demand and its demand is more or less, at par with demand for JAVA training.           


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