In-House SEO Team or Freelance SEO Experts? What Is Best for Your Business?

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Several e-commerce websites are actually, out of business due to lack of efficient SEO services. You would be requiring SEO and PPC for finding a niche and establishing yourself in online business. You must always be visible to all those individuals who are on the lookout for you and are willing to purchase your product. However, never forget the fact that website promotion is all about trust. Who are you thinking of entrusting your business’s future to? PPC and SEO services are provided by both in-house SEO team and freelancers.

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Online marketing is gaining importance with each passing day. Both the small and big startups are not thinking twice about investing in digital marketing channels for promoting their business and getting higher ROIs. Search engine optimization is regarded as one of the most powerful pillars in the business of online marketing. Several businesses would prefer SEO over email marketing or PPC simply because SEO is pretty fruitful eventually and it offers greater ROI when compared to email marketing, PPC or any other such tactics.

SEO should be treated as a long-term investment. Businesses looking for online success and sustenance must seriously invest in search engine optimization but the most important question is how one should go about investing in SEO. There are different ways of investing in SEO that could be productive for your business. You could consider outsourcing your SEO requirements to an agency, or hiring in-house SEO or pass the job to freelance SEO experts.

Employing the Services of an In-House SEO Team

SEO in this advanced digital era is no longer a single-handed affair and if you wish to get positive results including a boost in SERP rankings, increase in traffic, as well as, enhanced leads, you would be requiring a devoted and proficient team comprising in-house SEO specialists who are pretty good in their field of expertise. There are multiple benefits associated with your in-house team. It could take care of your website issues every now and then and this would safeguard you against any major issue. Moreover, search engine and technically associated issues could be detected right at the beginning before they are blown out of proportion.

If you hire an in-house SEO team, they could assist you in the management and success of the upcoming events and ventures that the organization might be thinking about for expanding the business such as pilot business model, sister website, and some more. A team which is offering an impressive ROI would be containing a tremendous amount of budget, as such, most of the times, employing the services of in-house SEP team may not be a feasible or the most suitable option.

Outsourcing to an SEO Agency

When budgets are not enough, businesses tend to opt for outsourcing their online marketing and SEO requirements to SEO agencies and third party people who have sound knowledge and expertise in the needed skill. SEO agencies generally, boast of a team of content producers, SEO, link builders and even project managers working as a team and they mostly work with a number of clients worldwide.

Outsourcing all your SEO necessities to an SEO agency is a wise decision as you would be delegating your job to the masters or connoisseurs in the trade so you could rest assured that your job would be in safe hands and would be completed efficiently. SEO agencies have enough work experience and have come up with effective solutions for various issues in the past. So they are adept at handling a wide variety of issues.

If your website is confronted with any SEO issue, you could rest assured that your issue would be identified or detected at once, and fixed accordingly by the SEO specialists in an SEO agency. Often agencies do not have enough time for communication with clients as they are usually, very busy solving issues for their clients. This could be a cause of major concern if your company wishes to introduce sudden changes in your overall marketing strategy.

Hiring an SEO Expert Freelancer

Freelance SEO specialists are more like the superheroes of search engine optimization but they do not work for any agency or any in-house SEO team. They take responsibility of your SEO project and they are specialists in driving more traffic to your website, boosting your SERP ranking and increasing leads to your online business. Companies, who are not happy with the work culture in an agency often, hire freelance SEO specialists for fulfilling their online marketing requirements. Freelance SEO specialists usually, do not get involved in too many projects at one go so they would be paying more attention to you and would be communicating with you more frequently and effectively than the SEO agencies. Freelance SEO specialists are certainly less expensive as compared to the SEO agencies.


So, what is the ideal solution for your specific business? It all depends on your unique circumstances and requirements. If you seem to have an adequate marketing budget and if you could afford to hire an in-house SEO team, in that case, you should go ahead, as an in-house SEO team would be the best solution for you. You could get higher ROI provided your team is motivated and skilled enough to give your business a new dimension and take it to a whole new level. However, your company could be benefited by outsourcing its SEO requirements to an SEO agency if it has the necessary budget to afford the services of an agency and if it has no issues with the work culture of an SEO agency. On the contrary, if you are in search of an individual, who takes care of your project with complete dedication and expertise and keeps you constantly updated with the progress of your project, then a freelance SEO specialist or SEO consultant could be the ideal choice for your business.

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