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The world of search engine is evolving at a tremendous pace and to keep up with it your technical SEO audits should be on the same level. Recent months have seen a lot of impetus and importance being focused on technical aspects and Important Google updates such as an update on Java-script crawling and broadening of features of various search results ranging from mere answers to snippets.

Hence, while performing an SEO audit a string of technical items must be considered to gradually increase and eventually maximize visibility in the field of search results.

  1. Mobile Web Crawling– The bulk of Google searches are now mobile and it tends to stay that way as the majority is slowly but surely migrating to an index which is not only an essential but also provides first priority to mobile-first index. Validating your sites malfunctions, redirects and blocked resources can be taken care of with the following:
  • Google page-level Mobile validators- Easiest way to check the method of operation of Google’s mobile crawler.
  • SEO crawlers- Most of such crawlers now provide us with the option to distinctively choose an agent to simulate Google’s crawler behavior.
  • SEO targeted Log analyzers- These are analyzers that are exclusively aim their attention on Search Engine Optimization issues.
  1. JavaScript crawling behavior and content rendering– In SEO services and consequently while doing a Search engine optimization Audit it is absolutely necessary to determine if the site relies on JavaScript to show its primary content to make sure it is easily reachable and properly rendered. Different kinds of SEO crawlers are used for different kinds of validation in various sites.
  2. Structured Data usage and optimization– As a result of Universal search results, videos, news and images Google SERPs haven’t been average or traditional. The next step led to the evolution which gave rise to features like answer boxes, knowledge panels and cards which form the significant percentage of search results. When it comes to SEO services this change stands for attracting more number of views and clicks through SEO efforts is achieved not just by gaining a high rank in listings but also by gradually maximizing your sites visits through SERP features. Usually these enhancements are obtained by properly implementing structured data.
  3. AMP configuration– It has become a must have for sites dealing with digital media and sites with mobile speed problems. It is also a part of Google’s news carousel and continues to widen its bases gradually. In light of these developments multiple publishers have adopted AMP. It is also important for your SEO audit to verify a particular website’s AMP implementation. AMP validation can be of various types involving various nuances.
  • Sitewide Validation involves authentication of codes with Custom HTML extraction.
  • Page Level Validation- It involves close reviewing of important pages for correct AMP implementation.
  1. Ongoing Monitoring– In SEO services after the fixing of errors and proper implementation of AMP it is comparatively easy to monitor the remaining prevalent issues.
  2. HTTPS Configuration– HTTPS has been used as a ranking signal since the middle of 2014 for a better and safer browsing experience. HTTPS has become an important as well as critical due to the existence of the commerce sites and not exclusively due to SEO. Security concerns and fundamental optimizations are authenticated before migrating a site to HTTPS. Migration must involve all the content and the resources present and once migration is executed you must gather your top pages from the perspective of visibility and traffic.

These tips and tricks regarding SEO Audits should help in improving organic results with SEO audit and should also aid to prioritize and eventually develop SEO audits to encounter the trickiest situations.

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