How to search optimize your blog with simple SEO guide and steps

search optimize your blog

Writing quality articles is one of the sensible way to attract your ideal target market.  I’m positive you’ve detected by currently that blogging could be a evidenced sort of content marketing hat can bring lots of traffic to your web site and real visitors.

You have two follow two steps to do that one is writing and other is divided into few subparts which  is described below.

 Writing on regular basis:  Whenever you want to drive SEO traffic to your web site you have to follow this step and have to post article on an everyday basis. Search engines can quickly suppose your web site has been abandoned if you haven’t denote something new it for a short while.

Do high research of topics. Tools like Google AdWords™ gives you the help you to find discover high-traffic keyword phrases. If you are writing on well searched topic that many individuals wish to are eager to know, it will bring lots of traffic to your blog and website along with social media shares. Now a days if you search anything if you get tips ­­­or how to write articles in search engine you read and share it? So main aim of your should be to get your blog to top when anything similar search is done.

Keyword phrase in article topic After you write your topic, it’s one among the foremost vital components to your piece. You have to take care that article has interesting read and keyword phrase. Ultimately, it must have ideas to attract readers and so search engines will provide this some additional time.

Where to use keyword phrase in article: It is crucial part of the article and have role to get your website traffic. Some of them are below

In first three lines or first paragraph of your article

Images alt tags will help you in image optimization (when anybody search keyword and find images your image used in article will come up)

Image file names mistreatment the keyword phrase also considered for image optimization

Subheading points in the article and the last paragraph of the article

If it is possible for you then you can add at last sentence

Using Meta Title and Description If know WordPress and using it, there are many plugins on the market like All in one SEO pack, Yoast SEO that provide you with the flexibility to quickly add these. Make sure you properly use them and get proper optimization of your blog

Use some related links that you get help from and social media sharing: Add connected articles of interest. Doing this offers you the chance to link to different connected articles that also are associated with similar keywords. This creates internal cross links between your articles that may boost your overall SEO.  Make sure once your article is published you share on almost all social media channels and friends. Social media sharing will give the article the boost it wants if it’s new you can maintain your record either on doc sheet or excel.


There are many other steps you can follow to optimize your blog but the above one will surely help you to get traffic on your blog. These steps will easily get traffic to your blog.

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