How to Improve Your SEO With LinkedIn and SlideShare


LinkedIn and SlideShare have become a top destination for businesses and professionals to share industry insights. Also, through these platforms, professionals get an opportunity to learn from the industry experts. In addition, you can even improve your search engine optimization (SEO) with them.

Yes, you read it right!

These channels can help you revamp and optimize your LinkedIn and SlideShare assets according to Ric Dean over at Caffeinated. Using just a few easy optimization tools and techniques, you can improve digital footprints to achieve good organic search rankings.

Why Optimize LinkedIn and SlideShare?

Currently, LinkedIn is the world’s most popular and largest best-performing professional networking site. It acts as an excellent publishing platform. LinkedIn has 347 million members and owns SlideShare.

Thus, the two platforms work perfectly together and have emerged as an undeniable powerhouse. After the acquisition in 2012, Google noticed the site and rewarded them in search results.

Impressed? Want LinkedIn and SlideShare to work for you?

Then, let’s get started.

Which Target Keywords and Phrases to Use?

Anything that is done outside the website is known as ‘Off-page SEO’. This helps to prove to search engines that your online footprint is suitable for specific keywords and phrases including LinkedIn and SlideShare.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner or other tools to identify SEO keywords and phrases. Log into your Google AdWords account, then click on ‘Tools’ and select ‘Keyword Planner’ from the menu.

Then, click on the ‘Search for New Keyword’ option and ‘Ad Group Ideas’. To adjust the settings, click on ‘Get Ideas’. Once you have identified certain keywords and phrases, put them to use in your LinkedIn and SlideShare posts.

Check out techniques to optimize LinkedIn and SlideShare for better search engine results:

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page:

To optimize your LinkedIn company page, list your top keywords and phrases at the top of the description field. Separate the keywords or phrases with the help of a symbol such as a comma (,) or asterisk (*). For maximum effect, it is best to limit text to around 100 characters including symbols and spaces.

Then, draft a captivating company description using your keywords and phrases. However, it is best to avoid keyword-stuffing. So, write the description for search engines using keywords, but always keep it natural. Proofread the final content, again and again, to ensure it reads well. You can take help from others for proofreading the content.

Next step is to take benefit of the Specialties section of your page. Use up to 256 characters here and include your top 10 to 15 SEO keywords and phrases in this section.

You can update status on the company page and hence invite people to follow your company page to create engagement. Include your target SEO keywords and phrases in the updates, to optimize it.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Showcase Pages:

Showcase pages of LinkedIn are just an extension of your company page. They allow you to highlight particular products or brands. Like company page, LinkedIn users can follow your pages, and you can even publish status updates on them.

You can optimize it by including target SEO keywords and phrases in both showcase page name as well as in the description. To make description engaging, you can use up to 200 characters. Lastly, provide a link to the corresponding product page or service on your website.

To create engagements, invite people to follow your showcase page. Also, do not forget to post status updates which include your target SEO keywords and phrases.

Optimize Posts to LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups. Hence, finding the right groups is the key here. LinkedIn group discussions are found in the search engine results of Google indexes and displays which can work in your favor.

You can make most out of these group postings. Follow the group rules and always use a target SEO keyword or phrase in both the title and description of your group postings.

You can also take advantage of such groups by participating in the conversation or responding to the comments on your post. This helps in creating engagements and Google notices such posts.

Optimize SlideShare Assets:

With a compelling and well-researched presentation that includes organically-placed keywords; your SEO of SlideShare presentation gets the boost. You can optimize the SlideShare account and uploads and make it easy for people to search. Always include a link to your website before completing the profile.

Include your top keywords or phrases at the beginning of the description. Like company page, separate them by adding a comma (,) or asterisk (*) or any other similar symbol. Try to use your SEO keywords naturally in the description. Finally, link it to other social media profiles on SlideShare. This helps the search engines to make easy connections with other digital assets.


LinkedIn and SlideShare have transformed themselves into high-quality social media sites for professionals. Your SEO activities through these platforms help to get better ranks organically on Google.

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