How to Connect odoo to woocommerce


Woocommerce is a wordpress plugin for creating an eCommerce store in wordpress. It’s free, woocommerce allows you to create an online store and sell anything you want. If you use Woocommerce plugin for your store you may need to manage your backend. Odoo woocommerce connector will help you to integrate and manage your woocommerce store in odoo. Every e-commerce store has perform a various operation like Importing orders and customer data, Updating inventory, Product categories, product tags, coupons, import-export product and much more. To make it automate various tasks like order import, order status updates, Stock management to ease your work.

What odoo woocommerce connector can do ?

Every eCommerce store owner is looking for a unified solution to manage their offline or online stores without difficulties. For that one of the unified solution is Odoo woocommerce. It’s a single interface for all management. Following are the features of odoo Woocommerce integration.

  1. Integration Odoo to Woocommerce :- Manage your store from odoo to integrate odoo To woocommerce
  2. Import Customer Order Detail :- Import customer order detail from your woocommerce store to odoo.
  3. Support Multiple task :- Support Multi-shop Multi-language, Multi Country, Multi-currency
  4. Manage Order :- Import/Export Customer detail from woocommerce store to odoo
  5. Update stock :-  synchronize your stock, Update stock from odoo to woocommerce store
  6. Customize Shipping :- Customize and automate of workflows related to shipping and payment method

WordPress module for Odoo WooCommerce Connector is available here.

How to Setup Odoo Woocommerce connector ?

  • Setup woocommerce :- The first step is you need to provide an information about your store. You need to provide Instance name, host,woocommerce version etc.
  • Configure Woocommerce instance :- You need to make various setting related to your woocommerce store like you need to specify warehouse, company,price list etc.
  • Configure workflow settings :- You may need to configure workflow like imported order setting from various settings like validate order, create invoice, validate invoice , Register invoice etc. you need to define setting ,shipping and invoice policies.
  • Add Payment Method :- Add payment code in odoo based on the payment gateway ID in woocommerce
  • Config Financial status :- In the Final Step you need to define which order you want to import based on financial status. Config financial status basis on workflow settings, payment gateways.

Watch this short video for for connect Odoo with woocommerce, here we have to create video series for odoo woocomerce connector.

Odoo Woocommerce Connector is an eCommerce plugin that allows developer as well owner for complete control and it’s built to integrate with wordpress. By using this plugin you can manage all the necessary operations from odoo ERP for your woocommerce store.

Conclusion :-

Odoo woocommerce connector is powerful plugin for woocommerce store. It’s enabled  automate our business processes.

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