How Is Big Data Relevant to Customer Relationship Management?


The goal of every organization is to learn more about their customers so that they can provide services that are personalized. In the past, learning more about customers was a tedious process. This is no longer the case today. Big data has made it possible for organizations to gather information about their current and prospective customers on autopilot. However, the big question is how big data is relevant to CRM.

  • Improved customer analysis

One way in which big data is relevant to customer relationship management is in the way it helps improve customer analysis. The integration of big data into CRM helps the sales representatives and the marketing executives to effectively analyze all the consumer touch points. The team is able to analyze data from email, web click-stream, Internet and social media. Needless to say, this will enable your teams to forecast consumer preferences effectively and also predict their future needs. The data will further help direct product development as well as help decide on the best promotional efforts.

  • Predictive modeling

The integration of big data means large amounts of data will be flowing through. The data will help you gain the ability to effectively predict the response of customers in the near future based on their current and previous behavior. This is what helps convert big data into useful data. It will show you demographics, respective preferences and segmentation of consumers. This will even be much better when you want to invest into new ventures. The data will make it easy for you to decide on when, where and how much you should invest. Paired with services like Salesforce DX, you will be able to run your business more effectively without reliance on guesswork.

  • Continuous improvement

The best thing about using big data is that you will have the ability to carry out extensive bench-marketing over time. This will enable you to define the crucial indicators like customer retention, average spending and general customer sentiment towards products or services. At the end of the day, the data you get from this will give you valuable insights to better your products as well as improve your services in the future. The data you get from big data and CRM will enable you to rise above the industry standards.

Big data has been around for quite some time now. Even so, it is still giving organizations, big and small, mixed feelings. Most organizations that are new to big data are more likely to be drowned by the big data. In order to leverage on the strengths of big data, you have to use Salesforce solutions. They will help you understand the data better and help you adapt to the dire requirements of big data. What’s more is that these tools will enable you to visualize the insights of data automatically. A good CRM will help you streamline the systems and all processes around the data to make the best use of it as well as grow while keeping that data relevant and safe.

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