How Cloud Computing Will Change In Future?

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Since the last decade, technology has changed immensely and has improved a lot. There is a hell and heaven difference between the technology which prevailed 10 years ago and which is prevailing now. The technological companies and industries are highly impressed by “cloud” which has shown immense improvement in the technological world. Cloud computing has reached various milestones one of which is the launching of Amazon Web Services. This service helps us to launch a website easily.

Most of the businesses rely heavily on the power of cloud computing and it is very difficult to even imagine working without that system. But many also tend to get confused with this system as it is not that easy to compute and operate. But with advancement in the applications, the businesses will be able to understand it better and have a clear vision. In the next few years, cloud computing will introduce number of new features and thus will result in huge growth.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is used to tie physical objects into the cloud which helps in better functioning. Cloud computing is used by several thermostat systems to analyze and respond to heating and cooling trends. The product has proved to be very helpful as it lowers gas and electric bills. IoT tech helps to bring real life functionality of clouds to the consumers and thus helps in improvement in living standards.

IoT also has some demerits as it has failed to offer enough functionality. Recent headlines about security risks and hacker friendly network enabled devices have resulted in a major decrease in demand for the technology. Thus for various reasons people opt for back–ends of cloud computing than IOTs.

Block Chain


The block chain movement has offered various major opportunities in cloud development due to technological improvements and decentralized aspects of computing.  Blockchain applications have shown major growth after revolutionizing from nonprofit sphere to trading digital agents. To regulate economic systems in a decentralized manner, crypto offered powerful tools which show a signal to become one of the major forces for cloud computation in nearer future. One of the major factors to be taken care of in case of crypto is the growth of Ethereum, a central protocol enabling ICOs to be launched. With growing Ethereum, more cloud related ICOs will occur which will help in more advancement within the space.

An example of ICO is Photon Network which is revolutionizing the cloud computing space. According to their websites, efficiency achieved by server networks on their decentralized systems are near about 80 percent whereas for standard server farms, it is nearly around 15 percent on average.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is likely to increase the efficiency of computers in coming years. Quantum computing will help servers and computers to process information at rapid rates compared to the current standards. Cloud computing works better in systems which are not backlogged. Thus with increasing efficiency of the technology, the value of cloud computing will also increase. Most of the people are concerned with the energy consumed by servers. Quantum computing helps in limiting energy consumption and thus will turn out to be very effective in recent future.

Algorithmic Systems

In previous years, slow internet connections and dropped phone calls were very common. Now increase in machine-learning technology has improved the quality of the technology heavily with advanced algorithmic functions. With this advancement in algorithms and machine learning, cloud computing is going to become more and more efficient in future and even of higher quality.

Algorithms are complex figures and have taken a while to reach a reasonable level. Algorithms are helpful to maintain stable network connections and preventing websites from crashing. Cloud computing applications have the potential to change the technological aspects and make it a better one with more efficiency.

In the next few years it will take a different shape and will develop the business and industrial arena with its wide covering technological advancements. With methods like Devops Training and other methods computing cloud will be easier and it will cause a better technological environment. So, you should keep a close eye on all the developments going around. It will help you a lot.

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