Four Top SEO Strategies to Give Your Website Traffic a Boost

SEO strategies

With the start of another New Year, you could be thinking of a number of things regarding giving your online business a boost. You may be wondering about expanding your customer base, increasing the number of sales transactions or returning customers. However, by increasing the number of visitors arriving on your site, you have potentially a bigger audience to impress, and given the right content or products on your site a good opportunity to also make them your customers. Unfortunately, many businesses are missing out on a significant amount of organic web traffic simply because their sites are not properly optimized. With just a few simple tweaks, it is possible to achieve an improvement both in page rankings as well as website traffic within a short time. Some changes that can alter your fortunes:

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

With an increasing number of searches being fired from mobile devices than ever before, Google’s announcement last year that they would be giving priority to those sites that have optimized for the smaller screen came as no real surprise. As of January 2017, Google has officially started assigning more weight to mobile-optimized sites. Even though a lot many businesses may have a mobile-friendly site ready, many of them may not have consciously attempted to optimize them for page rankings. In today’s context when searches are being initiated more from mobile than desktops, it is very important not to miss out on the traffic potential, comments the marketing head of the leading bulk mailer in a recent interview.

Make Wise Use of Link Juice

When you blog actively, you will possibly generate a lot of traffic as well as shares on the social media, however, with the passage of time, these links become outdated or possibly deleted too. Make it a point to periodically download a list of the links to your site, and perform an analysis of the identity of the pages being linked. Doing this analysis is especially important if you have a blog on the website because you can still make good use of the links pointing to the old content. You can either refresh the existing content to make them relevant in the current context or even redirect the link to completely new pages with fresh and useful content. To make this task easy and quick, all you have to do is to generate a list of pages with inbound links to your site and perform an analysis of the pages through a tool like Screaming Frog to identify the pages that do not exist anymore. These are the links that are ideal for redirecting to new pages on your site.

Research Your Competitors

Whatever it is that you are doing, you are bound to have competition, and it is always worthwhile to keep tabs on them. Do make note if they have changed the titles of any of their pages, acquired any new links or even published press releases. Use tools like Majestic to get to know their backlink profile, and also discover any additional keywords that they are using by running their site through Screaming Frog. It is quite possible that you will discover some new keywords as well as publications that your competitors are using but you had no knowledge of them.

Use Schema to Make an Impact

If you are not making use of Rich Snippets that is supported by Schema, then you are potentially losing a lot of traffic arising out of search engine page results. Use Schema to tell users what your site is about, and what they can hope to find, to encourage users to click on your site instead of your competitors.


Generating ever-increasing web traffic can be one of the biggest challenges faced by online businesses. While the imperatives are good content and relevance to user queries, tweaking your SEO to take advantage of the many benefits is not really a very difficult task.


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