With billions of potential customers, any business worth its salt cannot afford to ignore social media in its marketing strategies. Social media marketing is one of the marketing channels with an almost guaranteed return on investment since you can make much targeted ads at specific demographics.

Since you pay only for what you get, this is an effective marketing strategy that when mastered properly can significantly improve your sales and grow your revenue without the huge investment costs that often come with traditional marketing campaigns.

Here’s everything you need to get started.

Be interactive

Don’t just open social media accounts for the sake of it. Be interactive and engaging with your followers to build an online presence. Comment. Retweet, like posts in which you are mentioned and also regularly post interesting updates on all your platforms.

Do not be the kind of business that only makes a social media post when you have a new product to launch or a press release.

A blog helps you cause

Depending on the context, having a personal or company blog can complement your social media strategies in more than one ways. First, you can include your social media accounts in your platforms and whenever someone shares a post like the Witcher 3 Frog Prince from your blog to their social networks, it gets tagged to your account on that platform. This in turn increases your social media following.

Second, blog posts can be a good way to interact with your customers/followers which increases your social media presence.

Automate, but not too much

There are a number of social media automation tools like Hootsuite to help you schedule and save time on repetitive tasks. The purpose of these tools is to simplify your work not replace the human touch on your accounts.

You can use this tools to schedule and curate your posts but do not let them replace your social media manager since your audience can always know when you are automating all your posts.

Images and infographics

Social media marketing revolves around making sure that you keep your audience engaged and interacting with your business. You want your customers to relate with your business through your social media platforms.

Don’t bore people with a single type of post, day in day out. Mix things up. Have a blend of long texts, short texts, images, videos, infographics and even memes.

Choose suitable social media marketing channels

You can be on all social media sites that exist. Trying to be everywhere will cost you more money when you put up a paid campaign and even monitoring such a campaign multiple platforms could be overwhelming. What this means is you’d be sacrificing quality for quantity which lowers your ROI.

Instead, focus on not more than three social media channels that you feel are best suitable for whatever it is that you do and manage them effectively and  efficiently.

Use  # Hashtags to join a wider conversation

It is easier to get visibility by joining a hashtag that is already trending instead of coming up with one on your own. This applies for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Unless you have huge following or you are willing to pay influencers, finding ways to make your brand visible in an ongoing conversation is always cheaper.

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