Digital Traditions: Everything Parents Need to Know About

digital traditions

Going through some history books, one would obviously look around the traditions of the world in each era. Traditions separated region to region, nation to nation and time to time. The primitive the tradition, the faster the outreach was awaited. But some traditions are the root elements that don’t leave the particular community over time.

Universal Tradition:

Particularly the domain traditions are opted to be the universal traditions as they stay for long. But that’s just not the right elaboration to the query of universal traditions. Digital Traditions, the traditions of electronics and software applications, is the only universal tradition of the time today. Whatever is in the electronic world is the part of the digital tradition. Whether it’s the device or the software, it all is incorporated in the perimeters of the Digital Traditions. Listing a few might brainstorm some of the hegemony of the Digital Traditions:

  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Social media networks such the Facebook and Twitter
  • Smartphones instant messaging application or all other applications such as the games and WhatsApp
  • Electronic devices such as the smart TV or the thumb scanner

Regards to whatever is in the line of digitalization or electronics are the part of this tradition.

Haves and Have-nots:

Every article has some haves and have-nots. What so ever it is, either the sports or the cloud applications, they all have some boundaries. Sticking to those boundaries precisely raises the rank of following the digital traditions in one’s life, but apprehending might not do well with the users.

Some facts would elaborate the distinction between the haves and have-nots:

  • Attraction of social media networks cause children to distract from studies
  • Continuous usage of internet and other network services could perpetrate to the internet and computer addiction and isn’t healthy for health

Does and Don’ts:

Same was as that of the haves and have-not, there are some does and donuts of every cyclic past of the society. Similarly, there are even some limitations of the digital traditions. Abiding by the code of conduct result in fruitful usage of the technology but going around the counter is enormously harmful and dangerous.

Dangers could be seen through the daily routine, which surveys elaborate, that:

  • 15 – 20% teenage drivers cause accidents, either serious or general because they are attentive towards sending a message or reading a post on Facebook while they are driving
  • 25% of the teenagers, while reaching back home, slammed into something either moving or stationary object as they were busy using their phone

Digital Traditions, Digital Crimes:

Obviously, when the traditions are digital, the crimes are to be digital as well. However, compared to the un-digitalized world, the digital traditions have caused a number of criminal activities and have raised the bar of insecurity in each and every society.

The homicides, sexual assaults, robberies, frauds, and other cons are mostly supported by the digital environment. Although the digitalization trend is made up for easing the life of humans, but the odds doesn’t stay at rest.

Digital Safety:

When a child is made to drive a car, the instructive and parental guidance provides some good support in the driving. Similarly, when a smartphone is gifted to daughter over her 11th birthday, the parental guidance and regular meditation provide a sound support in landing children into the digital world and to be the follower of digital traditions.

Smartphone Safety:

In the present world, it won’t be wrong to say that smartphones rule the digital traditions and the modernized world. The features and abilities that a smartphone provides are never comparable to a number of other electronic devices. Though the portable devices are there in the line, but the mobility that a smartphone provides is really mobile.

In addition, smartphones and other digital devices are a serious cause of threat for kids who easily fall prey to online predators and bullies. This makes it necessary for the parents to keep tabs on the online activities of kids but the question arises how? It is definitely a very hard question to answer, but every question carries an answer. Do not worry at all, as this situation has a prominent solution. Thanks to the spy apps, parents can now get to know what their kids do online, which websites they visit, with whom they interact on social media, and much more. These apps work in stealth mode making it easier for the parents to monitor the digital footprints of their kids without making them feel uncomfortable as kids these days don’t like getting monitored 24/7.

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