Digital Magic, Big Data utilization and Excellent Customer Experience with Disney


Digital Magic, Big Data utilization and Excellent Customer Experience with Disney

For quite some time now, Disney has been the pioneers of entertainment for a long time. They are known for safeguarding the magical land and its secrets. Even though not much is a secret to the world, what we see or what people get to see is just a part of what the big secret is.

Disney has assembled the Next Generation Experience project, a team that works with Big Data to help Disney provide a more personal and innovative experience to each and every guest that walks in through the door. They have an extremely clear goal that is four-fold: Increasing efficiency of operations, betterment of customer experience, enhancing personalization through products and increased interaction and activity via channels.

Magic Bands

This is the magical gateway ticket for the land of magic. Equipped with RFID technology, this band also has a radio that communicates with countless real time data and sensors to analyze your moves, your position and your activities. It helps the authorities realize what your preferences are and what you like so they can cater to that better and focus on that.

As a matter of fact, this band was launched in the year 2013 and has been a customer favorite ever since. However, these bands do more than just accumulating useful information. They act as hotel keys, passes, credit cards, tickets, etc. Therefore, these bands have taken almost no time at all in becoming extremely popular since they deliver a more personalized experience to every customer while keeping individual customer trends in mind as well.

Data-driven approach toward efficiency

Disney’s operational efficiency was questionable at a point of time. However, since Disney approaching the problems with a strategic demand-based technology, they have been saving up a lot on labor efficiency alone. Labor resource management improved by 20%. They also use forecasting models to ensure there are enough garments for the crew and that they are made using inventory efficiently. They also make sure no costumes are wasted or just shelved.


Disney is constantly on the journey of creating a better experience for the customer and making their surroundings more comprehensive and user-friendly with a little touch of technology. An interactive environment for each family is what they aim for and they have done a great job so far. Disney gave the traditional stores a high-tech make over which allows the customers to interact using a touch screen kiosk.

They can explore the magical world of Disney Stores and go through the products available. Some of the products are even customizable to a certain extent. Disney news and clips can be found on it as well. This boosted the revenue by 20% in a short span of time. In UK alone, Disney generated revenue of $761.6 million, over the four years.

Consumer Insights

The key to improved customer experience by Disney is their gathering of intelligence related to the customers. Their data-based approach towards the customers helps them deliver an incredible customer experience for each and every one who walks in through the doors. They indulge in surveys and strategic marketing and collection of information to help their team get a better understanding of the preferences of the customers.

Big Data Magic

With a formidable stronghold over technology and digitization, Disney transforms the power of big data to their benefit. Their digital theme runs analytics to help the authorities have a better understanding of the wants and preferences of the entertainment industry. Disney has successfully molded technology in a way as to portray that as magic and that has been working out quite well.

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