Deep Learning with AI


Why would any business need AI chatbots? Actually, companies who have already made it to the digital transformation should be asking how Ai chatbots could help them to perform better. Many mobile development companies are now geared to add a new section to their portfolio. In 2018, they are gaining deep insight with artificial intelligence which is the next best trend for business to profit. As new technologies emerge, the trend now is to help a user to communicate with a message. In case you have not understood this point, read on to know how deep artificial intelligence has penetrated in various businesses. Even SMEs can take advantage of this new trend and check out what robots or even chatbots can do for you.

Ai Chatbots Are the New Jeeves

Your wish is my command!

 If you are still confused about the function of Ai chatbots, then here is a simple description for the new automated ‘Jeeves’ in the corporate world. They are computer programs which communicate with the user as messengers. Some are advanced enough to handle instructions in the absence of the programmer. It may sound like sci-fi but it is gaining traction as it is a time saver and can do various tasks efficiently.

So How Does It Work For Various Companies?

Most people are used to texting messages to each other as main form of communicating or they may be on social media or FB messenger. This is the way even customer care is being handled worldwide. Now chatbots are designed to take over. Once you are familiar with deep learning and how they influence business processes the possibilities of uses are unlimited. For example, they can be embedded in websites. When a client comes asking for something or to make an enquiry, the chatbot can give the answers. It is just like a livechat and once the user signs up on the website, the chatbot is functional. Where does this influence the most? In businesses, where customer services need to be handled with care.

Smart Business Advantage

Ai Chatbots are more common than you think. The Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are all chatbots. They are not only useful but are extremely popular. A smart chatbot increases your company’s visibility, thereby boosting sales. Earlier it was possible only for the large companies to invest in Ai deep learning. Now more avenues have opened up for small businesses to take advantage of this feature. For example, business owners can take existing customer data and apply machine learning to find patterns and trends that used to be impossible to uncover. Chatbots can be integrated into many areas of a company’s business. Chatbots often use natural language processing in combination with machine learning to respond accurately to a customer’s requests. They can understand the meaning behind a user’s words and react accordingly. They can remember answers and make the experience more personalized. This provides a higher level of service.

Ideal Social Media Tools

Aids machine learning too

Ai chatbots have proven to be excellent social media marketing tools. Their efficiency is only set to increase in the coming years. AI provides personalized, real-time content targeting that produces 20 percent more sales opportunities. It can also be utilized for behavioral targeting methods for specific buyers. Machine learning is about understanding data and statistics. It’s a technical process where computer algorithms find patterns in data, then predict probable outcomes. Machine learning can be applied in marketing to optimize for successful campaigns. Automation, powered by the Cloud, has already revolutionized Marketing and Sales workflows and interactions. But, it is expanding to other sectors. Accounting is one such sector, which can benefit from automation. However, clever and tactful humans may be, they cannot overrun machines.

2018 trends to look for

With new innovation, the way conversations are perceived is changing. This platform is on the verge of introducing voicebots and crypto tokens, messengers for blockchain.  As mentioned earlier companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are already developing these new conversational platforms for better customer interaction. Perhaps this will help solutions to be more forthcoming. Their use in blockchain is still at a nebulous stage. But who knows by the end of the year, we will have a better insight to look forward to.

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