Cyber security: 3 tips to keep your data safe

cyber security

Now we know that 2016 has started and has finished almost quarter. You must have gone through many articles of cyber security in the New Year. This concern makes plenty of sense considering however quickly cyber criminals area unit upping their game. As most of users must be familiar with the PricewaterhouseCoopers and its international State of data Security Survey 2016, there was around 38 % increase in cyber attacks between 2014 and 2015.

If that trend continues into 2016, staying safe on-line will be in each web user’s mind.  This is often aiming to need plenty of labour from cyber security professionals – the market is anticipated to be value $170 billion by 2020, in keeping with Forbes contributor Steve Morgan – it conjointly suggests that the individual goes to want to require some responsibility.

“You must careful every time about cyber security.”

As a member of the net community, the fact of things is that you just must always be careful about cyber criminals. We’ve place our heads along and are available up with 3 key tips to help that  your data stays safe in 2016.

  1. Keep Passwords strong and difficult to guess

When it involves the protection of the knowledge contained on your several on-line accounts, your passwords is your initial line of defense. Plenty of individuals suppose they’ve return up with a robust passwords, however, many of us don’t notice the instrumentation your average hacker is functioning with.

Cyber criminals will really utilize a laptop to quickly and with efficiency guess your password. As  information from  Bloomberg, if your password is  six characters long,  and if it uses small letters , it’ll solely take a hacker’s machine concerning ten minutes to crack the code.

However, if you add 2 numbers to it and alter one in every of the letters to capital, that timeframe quickly switches to 463 years. Adding numbers and capital letters seriously throws off a computer’s ability to willy-nilly generate your password, thereby keeping your data safe.

It is also necessary to notice that you’ll would like are using different passwords for different accounts. Having one phrase to open all of your accounts leaves you wide receptive attack. Repeat password use means if web site A is cracked, your accounts on sites B, C and D are also in danger if that they had an equivalent password.

  1. Making investment in software

Passwords and on-line best practices is also your initial lines of defense against hackers, your final line is that the cyber security software package on your device.

Cyber security software package may be a heap over straight forward defense against hackers too. You will different software which can help you to protect you from hackers. I am not suggesting any of them because lots of available you must take care which is best within your range. Online reviews on this software also can help you.

  1. Have gut feelings

You accept gut feelings daily whereas living your life within the world. Your instincts will do everything from guiding you out of a neighbourhood which is bad. I would like to suggest you to use them online?

This is a reasonably straightforward tip, however you’d be stunned on what number individuals ignore their gut once they see one thing on the web that’s simply too sensible to be true. There are areas where we will specifically tell you to avoid – nobody has ever wished to simply provide you with cash through a random email – this extremely just boils all the way down to trusting yourself. If one thing doesn’t feel right on-line, it most likely isn’t and you must simply back out whereas you continue to will. As always, if it sounds too sensible to be true, it most likely may be a scam.

I hope the above 3 tips might help you to keep your data safe.

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