ComputeHost a New Rage in Indian Hosting Market

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The Indian hosting market is flooded with reputed web hosting service providers and ComputeHost is one of the leading providers of quality hosting solutions, whether you are looking for regular web hosting, cloud hosting, application hosting or email hosting services. This cloud services provider has earned multiple awards for their excellent cloud hosting services which caters to more than 1000 client enterprises all across the globe. Their technical experts have managed dedicated servers in different data centers all over the world for the past decade and more. Having partnered with VMware and OnApp, this company has been able to provide a revolutionary cloud environment for clients. Whether it is operating an ecommerce portal which gets a lot of web traffic or developing an app for any web developer, ComputeHost has shown equal interest and has guaranteed the highest uptime possible. It offers more than 300 ready templates for customers and you can choose your own preferred apps that can be deployed in record time.

Why has ComputeHost become a name to reckon with in the web hosting world?

  1. Affordability:  ComputeHost is known for offering a very high uptime of nearly 100% for its cloud hosting services. The plans are also backed by a money-back guarantee according to which you can discontinue their plans and ask for refunds if you are not satisfied with their services. You will also stand to gain $50 free credit with their hosting packages. Cloud hosting offers unparalleled accessibility, better security, higher reliability and  successfully eliminated risks of network issues when there are traffic peaks or network issues.
  2. Advanced Technology: This vendor uses the best techniques and tools at its disposal to offer secure hosting solutions for all kinds of businesses. All of their plans are designed to help you improve your site’s performance.
  3. Tier III data centers: Their servers are placed in Tier III data centers which are fault resistant and have the most advanced equipments like biometric entry and on-site surveillance cameras, huge rack space and redundant power supplies, temperature controllers and top-notch hardware from reputed brands like Dell and Intel. All of their cloud hosting plans is supported by round-the-clock technical assistance facilities.
  4. Technical Supports: The best part about choosing ComputeHost for cloud hosting is that their experts will willingly cooperate with you in understanding your business goals; they will then analyze these objectives and design the best storage and networking facilities for you.
  5. Reliability and Scalability: Since ComputeHost has data centers belonging to the Tier III category, you can be certain of a high network uptime. This means that your website will not face downtime issues even when there are traffic peaks. ComputeHost also allows its clients to upgrade their resources like RAM or processing power, bandwidth and server space depending on their needs. So, all of their hosting solutions are easily customizable because of their highly scalable infrastructure. This web hosting service provider is also known for offering reliable dedicated servers for businesses that get a lot of Internet traffic. Their dedicated hosting plans are ideally suited for companies which need dedicated servers and applications, live streaming facilities, dedicated mail servers and database servers etc.
  6. Cost-Friendly Plans: ComputeHost cloud hosting solutions are affordable because they follow the pay-as-you-go model of payment where you end up paying only for the resources you use and nothing extra.
  7. Email Hosting: ComputeHost also offers excellent and reliable email hosting solutions so that you can be relieved of email management and can focus better on your core business matters. Their email servers are also hosted in their world-class data centers; the company looks into the installation and maintenance of the servers, deployment of effective firewalls and anti-virus filters, strict security measures etc. You can enjoy benefits like task organization, managed calendaring, hardware load balancing features and 24×7 technical supports when you sign up for email hosting plans with ComputeHost. The company has many experts who can understand your email hosting requirements clearly and they are equipped to offer you custom solutions to help your business.
  8. Superior Infrastructure: ComputeHost is noted for state-of-the-art infrastructure which is capable of maintaining your servers. Managing in-house servers will need much manpower and heavy administrative expenses besides uninterrupted power supplies so that servers do not crash. You can get all these facilities for affordable prices when you sign up with ComputeHost.

These are some of the benefits which ComputeHost offers its clients. You can benefit from their fully-managed cloud hosting plans backed by round-the-clock technical support. You will get to work with enterprise-level data centers which are protected with multiple security layers to prevent breaches. Servers can be automatically scaled up and down depending on your demands. Security is tight where critical data is concerned and you can have complete peace of mind when you place your business data with ComputeHost. Their cloud management solutions are customizable and easy; they will also readily deploy and manage the cloud servers. ComputeHost also offers the finest data storage at the lowest rates possible; you can also enjoy data archiving and backups. They offer the automated server snapshot feature that lets you save current status of the virtual machines and return to them at any time.

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