Choosing the Best Kodi Add-ons for a Better User Experience


There are a lot of people using Kodi, but there are many others who are still confused about the legality of Kodi and stay away from it. In fact, Kodi in its standard form is not an illegal application. For an application or device to be called as “illicit,” it should be using copyright content with the permission of the owner, which Kodi is not going.

However, when it comes to choosing add-ons, one needs to be careful as many of these add-ons may contain the content which is not licensed and using these may be illicit. So, it is the responsibility of the users to check and comply with the laws applicable in your country with regard to accessing content. In short, if you find content to be free, but it may be something like too good to be true, then you may be making a mistake by falling in for it. In this article, we will discuss a few Kodi add-ons which are legal.

Best Kodi add-ons

  • Placenta

The placenta is a top choice in terms of the best Kodi addons which was hosted at Blamo repository and now maintained by various developers as the Blamo Repo does not exist. Placenta features a wide range of content under many subcategories. You can find your favorite shows and movies on Placenta, which is reliable and also frequently updated.

  • Tempest

This is a new addon for Kodi from the TT Media, which is the provider known for many Kodi builds. This time, Tempest comes as an addon, which is based on famous Exodus and the Covenant add-ons, which is listed as a Jen Template addon with a huge collection of excellent content. Tempest is mighty enough to pull a lot of streams from the internet. There are many movies and series, which are arranged well.

  • Movie Theatre Butter

This is another one of the latest top working addons for Kodi in 2019. This features many of the top movies and TV series. Movie Theatre Butter helps you to stream the latest movies also which are organized into different categories and subcategories, i.e., Oscar Winners, Running in Theatres, etc. You can also see rating wise categorization of TV shows.

Best free VPNs for iOS

Next, let us explore some of the decent free VPN for iPadandiPhone users.

  • Windscribe

Being the best free iOS VPN, Windscribe had steady growth over the last three years. The major advantage which made it largely popular is the offer of 10 GB data transfer limit if you can register for their service with email. 2 GB data limit is there without registration. There are also features like P2P support and access to 10 servers with the free version.

  • TunnelBear

MacAfee now owns TunnelBear. The VPN is located in Canada and provides one of the best open-protocol VPN for iPhone and iPad users. They don’t log the user activities and use top-notch OpenVPN protocol. The users can also use stealth and Killswitch mode with the free version. However, the data limit is only up to 500 MB a month.

By using premium VPNs, you can overcome the data limits and also get access to more servers for a better experience.

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