Boost Your Business with 11 Cloud Techniques

cloud technology

2017 has proved to be a very important year for cloud companies. This is due to the fact that business enterprises are hungrier than ever for solutions that help to bring in technological advancements along with an understanding of the market its operations and perspicacity and other such benefits which are supplied by cloud companies.

Cloud techniques you should not miss

Stated below are eleven such benefits that can help your business progress in a wide range of areas from Security to Human resource.

  1. Connatix-

    This company has evolved as one of the leading names in the Native advertising sector and is often considered as the future of Web advertising. Often presented as a brand, it attracts more attention as compared to the usual method of advertising. It has also expanded into the video sector. It selects a video that a user can relate to in the best way possible in real time. It’s a one-stop solution for publishers and advertisers alike and also enjoys an association with a security firm to deflect fraudulent advertisements.

  2. Bizzabo-

    A competitive startup in this growing market, situated in New York, Bizzabo provides an all-round solution for event organizers involving everything from registration to analytics and social media exposure and management of agenda.

  3. Heap-

    Helps companies with technology to automate the multiple aspects of analytics of various users. It collects data relentlessly and creates the results on demand. It helps companies to make guided and informed decisions to establish a stronger base.

  4. Ledge-

    Ledge is a mobile application that aids and allows users to obtain loans from their near and dear ones that are small term, less than five thousand dollars for a period of half a year. In case of an emergency it also has provisions to bypass financial institutions to manage immediate expenditure.

  5. Next Caller-

    It’s an advanced caller ID technology that provides the users with detailed information about the phone call they receive as soon as the phone rings. It also has provisions for detecting Fake Caller ID to safeguard against spoofs.

  6. Persado-

    It’s a company whose software uses machine learning to test millions of permutations and combinations of everything from phrases to images to comprehend what will a customer’s needs resonate with most.

  7. Roundforest-

    It’s a company that uses data to enable consumers to make better, guided decisions to shop online and helps electronic-commerce sites to broaden their network. It navigates the users to products that they associate with most or happen to be the most relevant to pave a road free of obstacles.

  8. Rubrik-

    It helps business enterprises to manage their data using cloud benefits. It’s a place that helps a particular business institution to manage all their data for analysis and convenience. It’s continuously growing and attracting new customers.

  9. Smartsheet-

    It’s a company that is a world leader in software assisting collaboration. It helps workers in an organization to communicate, collaborate and work together in real time on a wide range of spreadsheets and various documents.

  10. Trusona-

    Trusona is a startup that deals with online security also known as cybersecurity that aims to remove traditional password techniques and helps in securing the cloud better. Its credited with an elegant and exclusive identification technique as an alternative to passwords. It’s paving the way for better cybersecurity solutions.

  11. Prospera Technologies-

    This startup aims to influence farming with the power vested in machine learning. It feeds the various data inputs from satellite feeds and drone photography into software to help farmers predict the nature, time and quantity of yield. It also helps farmers in optimizing the distribution of water and the uptake of valuable nutrients.

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