Benefits Of Using WordPress For Web Development


There is no enterprise web development company that has not tried WordPress web development because of its several benefits. However, despite the benefits, not every web development company and not every enterprise web development company found the platform suitable for their kind of websites.

Whether you work in a web development company or an enterprise web development company, it is better to have an idea of the advantages of WordPress development platform to be able to decide whether it is suitable for you or not. First of all, some important facts about WordPress development have been outlined right below.

Over 75 million sites depend on WordPress. It currently powers almost 23 percent of the entire internet. WordPress gets an average of 37 million searches every month. It offers over 45,000 plugins. Apart from WordPress, there are other web development platforms like Magento, Drupal, Joomla and others but the usage of WordPress alone covers 61 percent of total usage of all platforms.

Here you can check most of the benefits of using WordPress for web development;

It is an open source platform

WordPress is an open source platform. A particular set of codes can be used over and over again. You can make use of a written and used set of codes without modifying it at all. You don’t have to start from the beginning. WordPress has a community of web developers so they share codes among one another. This will save them time and also improve the turnaround time of web development. It is better to make use of already used codes than writing, testing, implementing and debugging new ones.

It offers simplicity

With other development platforms, you will need to have technical knowledge to be able to use them. WordPress development does not require any basic web development knowledge and it does not require any programming knowledge. This is why it is very easy to use. WordPress does not require the knowledge of programming languages like HTML, PHP and others. So, WordPress is very easy to setup, update and manage.

Anybody can manage it

The only constant thing in life is change. So, you will need to keep changing things like theme and background color of your website. You will also need to be removing old pages and adding new ones. You will also need to keep changing the content of each webpage as that is the most important part of a website. With other popular web development platforms, you will need to hire web development specialists to keep doing the management for you and it won’t be for free. But with WordPress, any of your staff can handle it.

WordPress has so many plugins

WordPress offers a whole lot of plugins. In fact, it has over 45,000 plugins. These plugins represent different functionalities. There is virtually no functionality whose plugin is not available on WordPress. This means that for every new function on your website, you just need to install the relevant plugin. You don’t need to write any single line of codes. This is a big advantage because writing new set of codes is the most difficult part of web development. Once code writing is off, then web development becomes easy.

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Improved turnaround time

Using WordPress will always give you a better turnaround time than using other web development platforms. Offering better turnaround time will earn you more web development contracts. With WordPress, you will develop more websites and earn more money in less time.

Web Hosting

Having a website is half of the work, hosting the website is the other part. After developing a website, it is important to showcase it to the public through web hosting. For beginners, the simplest definition of web hosting is an arrangement where people’s websites are stored and maintained. Web host refers to the company that leases out their servers to store your website. The storing and maintenance of your website is known as hosting. Web hosting is not just about storing and maintaining websites, it also includes providing internet connectivity to websites so that other computers can have access to some files on your website.

This is how it works, the web host stores your website and also provides internet connectivity for a monthly fee. There are different plans of web hosting and each plan comes with different charges depending on the privileges attached to each plan.

There are four major kinds of web hosting – Cloud Hosting, Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Private Server. Although all of them involve storing of your website and provision of internet connectivity, their differences lie in reliability, server speed, technical knowledge requirement, control, storage capacity and bandwidth allocated.

Shared Web Hosting

In this type of web hosting, your website is placed on the same server with so many other websites. There could be other hundreds of websites or thousands of websites on the same server. This implies that all the websites on the same server will share common server resources like the processor and RAM.

This type of hosting costs so much less than the other types of web hosting. This is suitable for websites with moderate traffic level. Secondly, this option requires minimum technical knowledge.

It has a couple of drawbacks. It has no root access and it can’t handle high traffic or a sudden upsurge in traffic. Any website that crashes because of sudden upsurge in traffic is likely hosted on this option. Another disadvantage of this arrangement is that its performance is affected by other websites on the same server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Here the server is demarcated into virtual servers with each website occupying its own virtual space still in the same server. Having root access gives users a greater control over its server space. This is suitable for websites that require more server level control over their website but this one is also for websites with moderate traffic.

The two disadvantages of this type of hosting are:

  • It can’t also handle spikes in traffic
  • Other sites on the same server affect its performance too

Dedicated Hosting

Here, a dedicated server is given to each website so that they don’t have to share resources. This gives them maximum control over their website. It can also withstand high volume of traffic. The only disadvantage of this type of web hosting is high cost. Quality does not come cheap so this type of hosting is very expensive.

Cloud Hosting

This type of hosting is like a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. Here, a group of servers collectively hosts some websites.

As beneficial as WordPress is, it has its own drawbacks. It does not offer root access and it is also expensive.

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