Benefits of Press Release and Article Publishing

press release and article publishing

Press release and article publishing are a great way to improve your client and customer base. You can also entice new vendors, joint projects and other affiliates-all of which can help your company or business grow and flourish. Press release & article publishing are formally written information from any organization to a media company intended to make your business or organization look interesting enough to be included in the media publication. If successful, a press release will persuade a media company to mention your company in its publication. Let’s look at the benefits of PR and article publishing, on your company and reputation.

Raising Awareness

The main objective of every release is to raise awareness of your company. When a publication mentions your organization, people will read about it and be more aware of your business and services. Even if only a small percentage of a large publication readers use your service, the benefits for your business can be vast. The process is similar to traditional advertising, except that instead of paying a publication to mention your business or service, you convince the publication that it would benefit from writing about you.

Increasing Website Traffic

The most effective use of Press release and article publishing is to get more visitors to your site. With an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet, it can be a big advantage for your site to get public recognition. Because of the nature of trust and the media, everyone is more likely to look at a website they hear and read about through the media and article publication.

No Cost Advertising

Writing and submitting your own content will surely cost you nothing except the time invested. Additionally, if your article proves popular enough with the directories it can be kept in circulation by them for an indefinite period of time extending your ability to promote your website.

Increase your website page rank

As mentioned earlier when we submit our article to directories you’ll be able to ‘piggyback’ off their web page ranking. Articles directories usually have strong web page ranking due to the continuous flow of traffic they get from people searching their websites for information contain in content like yours. Now when you consider that you have placed a backlink to your website within the resource box of your article it is inevitable you will have readers that will be clicking on your website link. With these backlinks coming from highly ranked websites such as these website directories the search engines will in turn increase your website ranking.

Now that you’ve come to realize some of the benefits of press releases and article publishing, wouldn’t it be silly to not incorporate this strategy in your marketing plan? With just a little bit of work and no out of pocket expenses you can generate a regular flow of targeted website traffic to your website for some time to come.

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