8 Most Useful WordPress Plugins For 2018


With the digitalization of the world, the e-commerce sector has got the boost it required. These days if you do not have a website then you probably are lacking in your business tactics. And the best CMS that you can use is WordPress. It is the most used CMS; it has over half of the market shares under it.

The biggest tool that WordPress has is the plugin store that it provides. They are a great help in building your website. In the following article I have listed down 8 WordPress plugins that are must have in your website this year.

  1. Jetpack

It is so awesome and a must have simply because it has been developed by the team behind WordPress itself. It simply takes care of everything for your website to fly high up and get to the summit of success. This plugin will basically take care of everything, you name it, and security, website performance, traffic building and even image optimization it handles it all. The content that you write will automatically be shared to third party. This will help you increase your traffic. The best part about this is that it keeps on checking for security and notifies you the moment it finds something.

  1. Akismet

This is yet another creation of the WordPress team. It comes by default with every core installation. This works as an anti-spam plugin. In simple words it makes your life easy by filtering the comments and removing the spam ones. Akismet provides the status history linked with every comment so that you can make out the spammy comments. If you are going to use it for personal use then the plugin is free whereas you will have to subscribe it on the monthly basis for commercial. If you wish to get advanced security facilities then you can even avail the premium version for a nominal amount.

  1. Google XML sitemaps

One common and the most important goal of every website are to have a good ranking in search engines. Anything that will make the search engines find them easily is easily done by them. By using this plugin, you will enable it to prepare a sitemap for your website. This makes it easy for the search engines to search you more efficiently. The search engines henceforth will easily be able to index you using the sitemaps which this plugin creates.

  1. W3 cache

What is the most important thing over internet these days? Speed! If the user opens your website and it takes a thousand years to load your page you are losing him at that very instant. WordPress cache helps you doing this. This basically holds on some temporary data so that the page loads faster the next time. If you use this plugin then you are going to get your pages and posts saved in the cache and this will drastically reduce the loading time. The basic rule to convert your visitor to your client is to not give him enough time to have second thoughts regarding this purchase.

  1. Wpsmush

Images are never out of trend. They are a lot more expressive and good to look at than simple text. Adding images to your website makes it a lot more attractive and engaging. Images come with a price of high storage space. Having a lot of images will slow down the loading of your websites and make it seem too slow for your customers. The good news is that you can even compress the images. With Wpsmush you can compress and optimize the images without deteriorating its quality. It is an automated plugin so you need not think much about manual work.

  1. Wp optimize

You will have a lot of data in your website database. Many things in it will of no use to you but will remain in it. You will not get any benefit from it instead they will decrease the performance of your website. You will already have a lot of work and you surely will not want deleting trash in it. Wp optimize will do things automatically, it will remove the trash, un-approved comments and make your website database clean.

  1. BJ lazy load

to make your website look good you might add a lot of pictures that might result in slower loading of pages. This can easily be solved by using lazy load. This feature can easily be used by plugins like BJ lazy load. The basic technique that it follows is that the pictures load only when the user scrolls the page down. This makes the loading of page much faster and easier.

  1. Word fence security

As a website owner you need to keep the security at the top of your priority list. Sometimes people give you essential information that if misused can take their bank balance in no time. Hackers are forever waiting for an opportunity to get into your database. Using word fence security will make your WordPress site absolutely secure.

The whole website thing might give you a lot of benefits but also gives you a lot of responsibility. From being absolutely secure to being fast enough to not waste the user’s time. There are many plugins that will make your website 100% efficient, the above is just a few of them, WordPress is filled with many just like them.

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