7 Skills You Need To Learn in 2018


Day by day people are progressing, and they are constantly trying to remain one step further from the others in the world of this much competition. Here knowledge in numerous fields and various different areas earns you some extra marks when you apply for a job. Nowadays the working arena is different from the past. It is not that easy to spend your whole career by knowing and mastering only in one sector. Now employment picture has changed, working competition has changed which is forcing everyone to adapt new skills and technology.

There are millions of vacant jobs waiting for the right person with the sufficient skills, who will be efficient enough to meet the expectations of the companies. Here are 7 skills and options which can increase your knowledge and make your resume look heavier and better-

Math, Statistics and Data Analysis

Data Analysis

With increasing companies and increasing work, storing of large amount of data is also increasing rapidly. With new innovations and new ideas and technology, amount of data is increasing with a greater proportion and is entering most businesses and sectors. Thus these data should be organized, maintained and worked on to analyze for better growth and more profit. Thus someone with a strong foundation in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, statistics, and calculus will be in high demand and will get better opportunities.



Tech industries are increasing rapidly and this period of technical boom, coding is a very important part to run these industries. Our country is developing in the tertiary sector but still we do not have sufficient number of coders to meet our demand. Thus this year learning the process of coding can benefit the learners as it is in high demand and the coders are also paid a prosperous amount. Thus coding should be learned and practiced before it becomes very common like the knowledge of typing. Thus we can say, learning the process of coding is very beneficial.



Most of the companies nowadays search for a good knowledge of excel among its workers. Excel is used widely and is one of the most desired software in the working arena. Thus it helps in making spreadsheets, making charts and graphs, keeping track of expenditures and various calculations. Thus gathering the knowledge of excel is very essential and proves to be very productive as the knowledge can make you earn more and can bring you more job opportunities. Thus having Excel In the resume is a must.


In the booming internet days, writers are getting much importance as they are writing blogs, stories, etc. which is read all over the world. Every post is written by someone who is more or less earning a good amount of money. Thus copywriting, content writing, creative writing, technical writing etc are giving a normal livelihood to many of us mainly the youth. Thus learning this skill can also prove to be beneficial.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing is the future and is a hot trend which is growing in an exponential manner. The total business structure is changing and so is the market structure. Understanding online or digital marketing is necessary by the customers who cover Search Engine Optimization(SEO), content marketing, and social media. Social media is the newest platform to connect with customers. The area as a whole can be confusing and problematic, but specializing in one field only and becoming a master in it gifts you valuable assets.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The technological world is changing which has resulted in a movement from the local hosting to cloud hosting services. All the space, labor and money consuming local servers is not so faithful and which if broken can erase all the data stored for years and can bring an end to a company’s journey whereas storing data in the cloud is safer and cheaper.

There are various cloud based services, among which one of the most important is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This is a huge trend and needs more workers to meet its demand. Thus learning the process of cloud computing can prove to be a good decision.

Web Development

Web Development

Since the last decade, the number of apps in the app store has increased tremendously and we can find an app for almost anything and everything. Now people prefer to use websites instead of the apps. This increasing number of websites and apps requires web developers. Thus going in the field of web development can also be a good idea.

Thus these skills and various other skills also can improve your job experience and give your resume more heavier content. People can also go for AWS Training and other training processes for a brighter career and working experience. So we can say that 2018 can be a productive year if certain skills are adapted.

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