6 best iOS gaming apps in 2017


Apple has been around for over a decade now with its amazing gaming machines with great responsive touch screens such as iPhones, iPads, iPad Touch. The class-apart platform of iOS has brought about a myriad of awesome mobile games, armed with astoundingly rhapsodizing graphics.

We are here to walk you through the top notch list of iOS gaming apps this year. Get ready for entering into the world of game wonder and adventure – Drumroll!

  1. Injustice 2

The original Injustice was amazing enough and now we have Injustice 2. This game holds up great against the console version and is an amazing app filled with superhero action and glory. You can kick asses of super villains while you pave your way towards justice when there is injustice. The amazing sequel brings about new jumping and low attacks that allows your character to have own signature move – awesome, right?

  1. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Brave Exvius has taken a colossal amount of elements from the original series with classic towns, valiant heroes and cool dungeons. There is also copious amount of one-of-the-kind lore that makes brings about a spectacular gaming experience on your iPhones. It is one of the best games on iOS with such stupendous graphics and some of the hardest battles which require great strategy.

  1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is the best freemium gaming app ever. To get to know about the coolness of this gaming app, you can have a look outside your window. There must be someone wandering around with phone in the hand searching for something. Yes, this is how crazy this game is! You can catch your own pokemon – Caterpie, Slowpoke, Charmander, Squirtle and many more – anywhere and everywhere, whether it is Dominos or museums or even your own house!

Want to know about Android gaming apps as well? You can check various websites for updates about the list of best apps ever under different categories.

  1. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes has done a mind-boggling transition from current gameplay to the iOS platform. You can combine gameplay awesomeness with a variety of iconic characters with a great SRPG which is THE BEST for mobiles. You can enter into the solo campaign where you come across characters from the previous gameplay summoned to your world by a narcissistic and devil sorceress. Game on!

  1. Reigns

Royalty has always been difficult, you have a position that needs a lot of strategies to plan and battles to fight. In a monarchy, you are the primary target for every sort of public humiliation and assassins – you got to play smart. Reigns brings all these aspects to life in the world of iOS. This is a card game which can either make or break your kingdom of glory. To rise into your territory with your quirky new characters coming up every minute can be challenging. This is the best game with the battle to save your throne.

  1. PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

Are you a great gamer and have played like gazillions of games? Well, then you must know how great a gamer PewDiePie is. This amazing YouTuber aka gamer has now a game with his name! Created by Outerminds, Legends of the Brofist is an excellent game to enjoy and have fun.

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