3 key social media trends for 2016 that businesses should be looking at

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In 2016, social media adoption hit a replacement high. Around the globe, currently active social media users are rising with colors about quarterly in a year. This implies a lot of folks currently often use social media than the whole populations of the developed countries.

Social media, in spite of the net itself, has become the new ‘front door’ for business now a days. Most of the U.S. business companies are currently live on social networks. Ninety percent of companies see exaggerated exposure as a result.

This Year, the craze of social media modification can accelerate even a lot of. The nice news for businesses is that major social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are finding out solutions to create it even a lot of straightforward and productive for corporations to have interaction with customers—and staff. Meanwhile, a lot of tools are arising that create it easier to trace the impact of social media business use, whether or not for promoting, client support or time unit.

So what precisely is future for 2016? Here are 3 key social media trends for 2016 that companies must consider at:

Companies begin taking note to social electronic communication..

Overall, nearly four billion active users of electronic messaging apps, from WhatsApp and Facebook traveller to WeChat and Kik. The excellent five apps within the world are open additional typically than even Facebook or Instagram in terms of frequency

What will this mean for companies? To this point, not much. Electronic messaging remains for the most part within the recorder referred to as “dark social.” Immediately, it’s reasonably a mystery what content is being shared among users and the way that affects internet traffic and “conversions.”

But 2016 would be the year that analytics and insights become additional promptly accessible, facultative firms to develop full-fledged methods around social electronic messaging. All the foremost social platforms currently have electronic messaging parts, and it’s solely a matter of your time before they find out a way to build that information accessible to businesses for promoting functions.

Electronic messaging is already rising as a key channel for one-on-one social client service. Twitter upraised its character limits and follow needs on direct messages earlier this year with client support in mind.


Social media advertising (really) dashes.

Have you noticed the exponential increase in ads on your social media feeds? That most likely means that they’re operating. In distinction to old school banner ads, the new generation of “native” social media ads like Instagram and Facebook sponsored posts and Twitter tweets look and act plenty like traditional social media updates from friends and followers. They’re additionally targeted with associate uncanny degree of precision: Advertisers square measure ready to drill down not simply by age and gender however by interests, location, company affiliation, role and additional. that the ads you get measure most likely those you truly need to check.


For all those reasons, corporations ramped up social media advertising in 2015, with outlay increasing more than 30% to just about $24 billion especially spectacular as a result of a number of years past that number was $0. Expect to check those trends continue: By 2017, social media ads might account for a full sixteen % of all digital ad pay globally

A bunch of recent tools that allow tiny businesses style and buy social media ads in a very few clicks.


Social media at work is on the increase

For years recently we’ve been secure that a brand new generation of internal social networks—for use within company walls—will spell the tip of email. No additional searching through your inbox for info. No additional cluster email threads from Hell. And nonetheless email has lumbered on within the work.

Its intuitive interface, engineered around themed searchable archives and chat rooms, has raised it to over 1,000,000 daily active users in only 2 years time, from the team at NASA to the team at your native coffeehouse. Meanwhile, Facebook’s new work networking platform Facebook at Work is formally being employed in trial mode by three hundred corporations (including mine). With studies showing that victimization social media at work will increase productivity and engagement, it’s solely a matter of your time before additional businesses get moved on.


Around the world, social media is quickly turning into business as was common for corporations. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and different networks have basically modified however corporations reach and act with customers, provide merchandise and services, communicate with workers

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